D3/AOK Appliance Service / Poor customer service

I called for repair on my GE dishwasher which was under warranty and needed a fuse. The repairman told me that he didn’t want to come all the way to Beulah just for a fuse. He said he wished that manufacturers would make the fuse accessible to the customer so they could replace it themselves. Evidently, this is a common enough problem. He told me that he was going to order additional panel parts too. He said that the parts would arrive in 3-5 days and he would come to Beulah right away to install. A week later, I called D3 and was told that they hadn’t received my parts. They said they would check on them, and call me back. No one called. I called again and again and was told that someone was checking and would call me back. Again and again, no one called. I called D3/AOK on March 9th and spoke with Curtis. He suggested that I should have called GE myself to find out where were the missing parts. Not only is that the epitome of poor customer service, but how would I, the customer, know what parts were ordered or who to contact? Ridiculous. Today I talked to the owner, Travis who told me it’s my own fault because I choose to live in Beulah and it’s not profitable for them to drive here. Then why are they GE's choice for repair if they don't want to service my area???????????????????? I feelD3/AOK lacks integrity, customer service, and they do not offer your Beulah customers the kind of service we deserve.

Mar 15, 2017

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