D-link Malaysiapoor router and even poorer customer service

My fibre to home broadband provider uses D-link DIR-850L as the default router . It works well through LAN but horribly slow in recognising equitpment such as notebooks, tablets, phones etc using wifi.

Apparently it's a common issue and the local forums advise was to change the D-link router which I did, to an ASUS router. It worked well and the wifi connection using the ASUS router was great.

In order not to waste the D-link router, I wanted to set it up as a wifi repeater. I called the D-link customer service number in Malaysia [protected] three times and each time i was put on hold for more than 10 minutes listening to some mind numbing music and every one in while the robotic lady would come on and say, " our customer ... blah blah still busy blah..." then for no apparent reason, I would be cut off.

Extremely annoying.

May 14, 2017

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