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Need Drama? buy dlink products. U B amazed

Been buying dlink products for two decads. This June, I bought a defective DNS-327L, abd had to ge through the CEO to get a RMA.

After tech guy and I exhusted and wasted hours of trobulshooting on phone, he send am email to call a number and get an RMA.

I did. For calls later and talking oblivious staff needed up with tech services again over abd over again.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Glendale, AZ

Then I was directed to a website that will charge you ahead of time for $219 for the exchange of a product bought about 30 days earlier.

The unit was found to be defective and now I have to pay return the kick that I paid $150 for already.

Not only that, if the cat 5 cable or the charger was not sent back, they would charge $15 and $25 respectively.

Awsome product, customer service, and response time.

I wrote to the CEO. What were the chances to get a respond from him? Why would he better than the staff I wonder.

I decided to buy elsewhere in the future.

Aug 25, 2017

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