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D-Link / D-Link and their employees are terrorists!

1 United States

I bought a D Link Xtreme N PCI Express Desktop Adapter card and had a difficult time installing the PCI card, so I called their tech support and was advised to break off a piece of the PCI card to fit correctly. After having done so, I tried again and found out the PCI card would not fit. I called tech support again and this time the tech support person told me that I had bought the incorrect type of card for my computer. How was I suppose to know the difference between a PCI Express and a PCI card... The next day, I contacted what they called "level 3" tech help and Blake the rep who answered the call was rude and talked down to me for not knowing the difference between an Express from an non Express card. I'm not a technical guy, so how was I suppose to know... I work in the investment field and I wouldn't expect him to know the Black Scholes option pricing model or asset allocation. Anyways, it gets only worse from here... Blake tells me that this is no longer his problem and I would need to talk to a customer service representative. I get some guy named Darren who is even worse than Blake. He doesn't provide me with any sort of resolution to my problem or the fact that one of their tech support person in India gave me bad advice. I asked to speak with his supervisor at least 10 times, but he would not transfer me. I finally got off the phone and contacted their corporate office and the operator puts me back in touch with another customer service rep who works with Darren. She like Darren was non-responsive to my frustration that one of their tech support reps provided me with bogus advice and thereby voiding my warranty. I asked her if anyone there was accountable and she said no. I could not believe she just said it like it was no issue at all to her. All I can say is D Link is the worst of the WORST companies I have ever dealt with in my life. I will never buy another product from them again and will tell all my friends, family, co-workers and even strangers of my experience with this company. Just today alone, I told my office of 50 individuals of my experience and trust me I will continue to spread the word about this company whose hold message says, it is their "imperative to provide the highest level of customer service"... They should change that to what is the reality which is, it is their imperative to sell as much as they can and provide absolutely no service... No change that to absolutely terrible, horrific, nightmarish service!...

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