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Please take my advice and do not buy your home from Cynergy Builders. My experience with them wasn't pleasant. In fact, I still have nightmares about it. Their attention to quality and customer satisfaction is poor and they only care about getting your money. Cynergy's owners, employees and sub-contractors are some of the most unpofessional people I have ever come across. If they should try to schedule your final walkthrough just hours before your closing, DON"T stand for it! This is how they get away with putting you in a home that is full of sub-standard installations and craftmanship. Then they'll drag their feet in getting the necessary repairs done and leave you waiting for months. They are great at making pomises they don't intend to keep!

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  • Ma
      Aug 02, 2007
    Cynergy Builders - Do not buy houses from this developer!
    United States

    Beware of cynergy builders, you can check there website out by their name. They do not stand by their word at all. They do not fix anything and lie about your house collapsing to the ground after you have paid them a good amount of money. Also stay away from their realtor sabu george. He is trained in lying!!!

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  • Ja
      Oct 08, 2008

    Thats funny !! Cynergy builders dosent even have a customer by the name of maria luinstien.. Just a bogus post of an errational and invalid complaint.

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  • Ae
      Mar 21, 2010


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  • Ja
      Oct 14, 2017

    I don't recommend this company at all! SO MANY complaints. They gave us the wrong address and because of that, we never got our mail and found out we were behind on taxes. We were even fined and penalized due to that. We had to get paperwork signed by them to correct our address and we left them countless voicemails then finally I had to threaten to sue them for them to sign a PIECE of paper. The basement leaks! In fact several houses built by them in my neighborhood are also experiencing the same issues with their basements! Water leaks inside the basement every time it rains and my basement ends up flooding! Also the grass area in front of my house, on the side walk, sinks in. We complained and they said it's because we park our cars on the sidewalk and we caused the grass to sink in. That is complete BS, I've parked on grass plenty of times and never saw grass sink in! Also the walls in our house are paper thin! The tubs feels like its a plastic bath fitter! My old home built in the early 1920s is better quality than this house.

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