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Cymraes / means lady in welsh - cymraes's corner aka lesley ann jackson uk fraud

1 yorkshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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I know this woman personally for years and am ashamed to admit that I was a part of her fluffy bunny group.
Lesley ann jackson hails from wales and now resides in sth yorkshire! We gathered together in a group and shamefully stalked and bullied under troll names.

Lesley jackson trolled under cymraes and wrote shenga/bustin chops blog she now runs a blog called cymraes's corner

Boudica foster trolled under a variety of names and pushed her books through the fluffs as well as bullied trolled and shamefully called phaedra bonewits a "stupid cow"! That I want no part of!

Sharon heeley blaylock has a few troll names main one wolfstar coming but had a few others she and shullie porter and lesley jackson ran as a trio to stalk

The reason I am writing this is because I was an active member of the bunz and pagans against plagiarism who are now in hiding. They are all afraid after being shown for who they really are. I am so ashamed of my part but what I am really annoyed about is being lied to by this trio.

Joanne nelson states "I handed over black raven coven to lesley jackson and boudica foster" well, why then were the rest of us not told by you? Why did you keep it a secret from the other bunz? Evidence of your theft and your lies lesley have been sent to me and to a few other ex members of the now dead pagans against plagiarism.

How dare you lie to us!
Yes, I was aware of you harassing people and writing under many names to harm but I was not aware that you and boudica and sharon were lying to the rest of us

I am ashamed of myself but I dont know how you can live with your lies lesley ann jackson and the others who lied to us knowingly

You have ripped people off before mrs lesley ann jackson director information. Free director...[protected]/mrs-lesley-ann-jackson/summary
Mrs lesley ann jackson holds 8 appointments at 8 active companies, has resigned from 0 companies and held 2 appointments at 2 dissolved companies.
Missing: sheffield

Lesley jackson - uk address and phone number - › az-people
We have found 199 people in the uk with the name lesley jackson. Click here to find personal data about lesley jackson including phone numbers,... Cuthbert james fleeting susan c mcavoy anna coll claire mcgregor thomas wilson william mcfarlane... David f jackson... Sheffield, south yorkshire, s12 full address.

Staff list - finance staff - finance - the university of sheffield
Bielby, mr david, pension administrator, d. Uk, +[protected]. Blower, mrs... C back to the top... Jackson, mrs victoria, deputy director of finance, v.E. Uk, +[protected]. Jama... Marshall, ms lesley, treasury assistant (wednesday to friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm), lesley.

Mr david christopher jackson director information. Free...
Mr david christopher jackson - active - director id is [protected] and... Bridlington, east yorkshire, yo16 7ln - a free director summary including all

David christopher jackson - personal appointments (free...
Company status: active. Correspondence address: medina house, 2 station avenue, bridlington, east yorkshire, united kingdom, yo16 4lz. Role active...

Ex member and ex friend and I can confirm to all that you wrote under the gossip witch and lady blue! You just love attention at the expense of your own friends

Jul 10, 2018
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  • Ca
      11th of Jul, 2018
    +11 Votes

    Since i know who is and who is not Claire nicola, you may want to take your fake profile down and stop using people to hide behind lesley! have you completely lost it? all those troll names you are completely outed and have a lot of explaining to do to your fellow "friends"! Enough lesley right now no more troll names get some help. take this down now !

  • Ca
      11th of Jul, 2018
    +17 Votes

    I can't begin to say how stupid it is and how annoyed we are

  • An
      12th of Jul, 2018
    Best Best Advice +22 Votes

    another successful DMCA takedown lesley that must be 25 troll accounts and if it is not claire nicola posting then we all know who it is: lesley!

  • Pr
      15th of Jul, 2018
    +12 Votes

    tis you lesley. Another fake profile. Lovely

  • Se
      18th of Jul, 2018
    +6 Votes

    What dear, are you jealous? Why you trying to obfuscate yourself away from PAP & the bunz ?

  • Cn
      12 hrs 40 mins ago
    +6 Votes

    Maybe you should use your own name? This is not me and whomever this is has very huge issues. Hope you sort them. And please stop hiding behind names that aren't yours and you know nothing about.

  • Ar
      5 hrs 41 mins ago
    +3 Votes

    yet another manufactured diversion by lesley to get the spotlight off her own head

  • Be
      4 hrs 5 mins ago
    +4 Votes

    c nicola if this is a real person then it is you who have huge issues because you trolled and attacked the pagan community with the defunct Pagans Against Plagiarism! shameful behavior dont ya think? Hiding and attacking covens, individuals, phaedra bonewits etc and if it is not you then we just have to add this name to lesley ann jackson or cymraes's sock drawer. Another troll name lesley? Either way yes huge issues! If you were a member of the disgraced group and a cowardly troll bad and if it is as we believe, lesley; huge issues

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