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M Nov 17, 2017

pagans against plagiarism you Lose! quote "Subject: Re: [censor] And Electeric Fences
Date: August 13, 2017 at 2:16:50 PMTo: Adam Edgington
Hey Adam,
You are just like those [censor] who called out Wyatt Erp.
Didn't your mama ever tell you not to piss on electric fences, boy?
Unless you have a death wish, [censor] now.
In abundance, power, and truth,
David Griffin 
He won't listen. They never do. Wanna bet what happens next?" the golden dawn blog


@Golden Dawn Blog quote WILT HUNT ORG - will not publish anything else by Pagans Against Plagiarism due to their unethical, underhanded management of the group, their lack of pagans in the group and their stalking and bullying in the name of paganism

uote: M.E.D.U.S.A
"pagans against plagiarism have been defeated! So much so the Wild Hunt dares not to mention their name even in their most recent article this group is not mentioned " All this group can do now is to watch they have no power and are known in the magical community for their disgusting antics. The Director of M.E.D.U.S.A. orders all membes ... (that part is secret for now)


"PAP and their members of this group is of no interest to our members and do not represent the magickal community. Do not have any interaction with them as their is no use beating a dead horse"

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