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I gave this guy my beautiful 2006 Triumph Daytona after i thought the dealer put in a bad pick-up coil. he said he could fix the running issue in a week at the max. one week turns into one month and still NO progress. I tell him to give the bike back and i'll pay his fee since he can't figure it out. this is when he tells me the bad news. " i broke your left foot peg when i stood on the bake and your tail light broke when i was taking it out AND i broke you tail fairing AND my kid crashed their bicycle into your moto breaking your CRG bar end mirror". but get this, on top of all the things he broke, their are wires hanging from the tail end of my bike with bare ends and my lisence plate light is just hanging there so sadly. i tried to call this guy to try to get him to pay for these things e broke and he won't answer his phone to my calls. is their a number i can call to talk with somebody about what to do i know this isn't right!

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  • Cy
      Nov 16, 2010

    This is a complete lie. This bike is six shades of primer and had been dropped off a tow truck, crashing into the asphalt, prior to being delivered to us. His mother told us they actually caught someone in the wrecking yard doing unauthorized body work to the "beautiful" rattle can, painted, 675. His parents constantly worked with us to bring the bike back from the grave before asking us to make it, "disappear". This is when we called it quits and returned the bike. Any questions please feel free to stop on by and review pictures of the "beautiful" 675

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  • Sd
      Nov 17, 2010

    I cant believe I'm reading this. I went with CycleBro's to pick up this "Beautiful" 675. If the Op Considers Primer Black paint, vents barbarically carved into the fairing, All gold/bronze plating painted red then maybe it is beautiful, Beautiful like a red headed step child. His parents went over the bike when we picked it up and they pointed out so many things that were disconnected, Changed, and missing. The light that he's saying is dangling, Well thats because its an after market led light that was put there with double sided tape! And yes his mom told us that a tow truck company dropped it on the freeway and when they picked it up from the tow yard there were "Mexicans" doing unauthorized repairs on it. This bike didn't even have a rear brake pedal!!! It was totally shaved off from it being dropped. This poor poor, poor Daytona.

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  • Bo
      Nov 19, 2010

    I live up in the same area and happen to see this so called Beautiful bike occasionally on the road, and am totally shocked by how this kid can sleep at night after having taken a piece of artwork and turned it into a piece of crap, this kid should not be aloud to touch a bike much less ride one.His parents need to get him some help, because he has to be smoking something to have butchered it so baddly.

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