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CyberPower PR1500LCDRTXL2U . I bought this item and installed on Oct 1, 2010 for my home entertainment system. Cost about $600.00 with shipping {4 years and 4 months}. The items we had connected to the Critical outlet were the HD television, Dish Network receiver, and a Yamaha Receiver. The HD TV has a fan that runs on the bulb for 2 minutes after it is shut off {Sony} to cool it down. And if the power is disconnect from the Dish Network receiver it goes through a reboot program that lasts from a few minutes to 10 minutes, even if the power goes off for a second! So if your watching TV and there is a power loss you are going to miss a large part, or if you are recording you will lose everything after the power goes off even for a split second. And, the TV fan will not run which shortens the bulb life.
First I would like to say this item appears to work as described. When the power went off or we had a brown-out it would kick right in. But, I don't see how anyone could watch television or listen to music with the sound level of the cooling fans! My wife has an 1800 watt hair dryer that makes less noise. This CyberPower system is REALLY LOUD! We would turn it off or leave the room when it came on!
Ok, here is the really bad part. Like another user giving a review this unit kicked on last Monday morning at 3:AM. The LOUD FANS and beeping woke me up so I went in the living room and turned it off. The next morning I tried to turn it on with no luck. I left it plugged in with nothing on for about 10 hours and tried to turn it on again with no luck. I took the top cover off and checked the voltage to the circuit board and it was 120 volts. I pulled the battery pack out and checked voltage of all 4 batteries {I disconnected batteries one at a time while checking} and each battery had 13.4 volts. {fully charged}. I checked the switch and it was OK. From these tests and others I did indicates a bad circuit board.
I called tech support at CyberPower and the first thing the guy said was the batteries are bad! After I explained that I had checked the batteries and what the result was, he basically said I have a $600.00 paper weight! So, I called back Tuesday and got a different guy with the same result. I ask if I could buy the circuit board from them or somewhere else and he said no they don’t have any repair parts or even replacement batteries. So basically this unit cost me $138.300 per year to use. More than my Dish Network per month, more than my total electrical bill per month, more than my propane bill per month, this was higher than any other monthly bill. Cyberpower customer support and sales simply states “Sorry its out of warranty and we can’t do anything to help you”. I don’t think I will ever be buying another CyberPower system. If a person considers buying a CyberPower system and reads any review, make sure you read the reviews from people who have owned the system for a few years or more. Many reviews on Amazon are people who have just bought an item and haven’t had it very long. Just look at the dates.
My background:
I use to teach a Specialized Electronics class for General Motors. I have worked on computers since 1992. I have installed a partial solar system at my home. {Used to charge our home phone system, cell phones, rechargeable AA & AAA batteries, and every other item that is rechargeable. It also basically runs out video security system too.}.

Would you pay $138.00 a month for a surge protector with a UPS?

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Feb 19, 2015

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