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CyberMax / Bad service

1 United States
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From what I read so far, I guess that some people didn't realize that the economic crash affects computer businesses as well. I own a Cybemax tower system apparently known as a Valuemax. It came with a 12x DVD drive, 10GB Maxtor hard drive, a 32MB ATI Rage 128 Fury Accelerator, A very kick ### 5.1 ADA-305Altec Lansing speaker system, a 17inch monitor, 128MB of memory, the Biostar M5ALA motherboard with an AMD K6-2 400 (later upgraded to 256MB of memory, FIC PA-2013 Motherboard, and AMD K6-2 550), and a Conexant 56k "Soft/Win" voice modem (also later exchanged with it's PnP ISA version). This system was originally built in '98-'99, and I have to say is rather solid and great before and after the upgrade. Only problem with this system was that the fan in the power supply died. So I upgraded it to a 300 watt, and repaired the 250 watt the system came with and used in another computer. All in all, it's sad to see that soo many people appeared to be living in a hole and didn't notice the economic crashes happening around them especially since our current President's reign. You must take note that this affects and has affected everybody. Cybermax was an unfortunate victim of this economic downfall, and from the system I got ahold of, a very tragic one at that. Cybermax may have been a great rival company for other such as Dell and Gateway. However, Gateway itself is near to facing the same fate as Cybermax even now. Suggestion and some words of wisdom to all. Before you buy a computer, amke sure the company is in good economic standing, also, unlike HP, Cybermax systems are not as custom as some may think. In otherwords, you can get your Cybermax repaired anywhere by anybody and the are fully upgradable down to the processor and motherboard. Why do you think they come in such a large case? It makes them compatable with anyboard of any size and any configuration. Did you people think about this? Well, anyway, seriously, you people need to think about something and do research before you talk.


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