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I made the mistake of ordering this product in August of 2009. Their product is no different than any free software that you can download, and their customer service has to be the worst that I have ever encountered ! On August 17, 2010 they charged my credit card another $79.94 for yet another year of service. Upon questioning them on 11 occasions, they claim that their EULA allows them to automatically renew the product, providing they contact you via e-mail one week prior to the renewal date, giving you the option to opt out if desired. Well, during the 11 times that I contacted them, they could not find any information about my account, yet, they claim to have e-mailed me prior to the renewal date. Finally, in desperation, I contacted the credit card fraud department and filed a claim against this company. Today, I received notice that my money was refunded, and credited to my account. What a bunch of crap I had to go through !!!

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  •   Sep 14, 2010

    Hello xmarine501,

    On behalf of CyberDefender Corporation, we'd like to thank you for your patience in this matter. We value each and every one of our customers, and as such, it is disheartening to see one who is not completely satisfied with our products or services. Any customer can contact our Customer Relations center with questions or concerns toll-free at [protected], 7 days a week. We also provide additional contact information on our website:

    From your statement, it appears as if you initially purchased our Early Detection Center Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware / Registry Cleaner package, which included a 5-PC license, and a backup copy of the software on CD. Customers are enrolled in the CyberDefender Software Subscription Plan as a means of ensuring continuous protection, and as you mentioned, the details are expressed in Section 4 our Terms of Service ( Purchasers of our software are under a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and we will refund the cost of the purchase should a customer decide the software did not meet their expectations, or alternatively, they felt their purchase was a “mistake.”

    As per your claims that our "product is no different than any free software that you can download, " we must fervently disagree. There are several features implemented into CyberDefender's Early Detection Center 3.0 that greatly set us apart from the competition (including distributors of free anti-virus software), and they serve as one of the main reasons we have been able to acquire more than 17 million international consumers and businesses:

    Our patent-pending community-based earlyNETWORK system is part of what defines EDC 3.0, and has quickly become a staple of CyberDefender's innovative and proactive approach to internet security. Each PC installed with Early Detection Center 3.0 is a part of the earlyNETWORK, and when any one of them is infected with a new/unidentified malicious item or virus, the file is sent immediately to our researchers who develop and distribute a solution to all EDC 3.0 users. This ensures they will not experience the new threat, and the entire process requires no action on behalf of the user. Besides this, our utilization of peer-to-peer networking ensures our daily updates of virus definitions are distributed with maximum efficiency and speed, and our newly implemented Dual-Core scanning remains the superior resource in malicious file detection.

    If you would like, you can call us at [protected]. This will allow us to get more information on the case, and with some additional information (such as a name, or email address), we can pull up your account to see where any confusion may have occurred. If you are unwilling to speak with us, or provide any other information, we will be unable to confirm that all your accounts and subscriptions have been canceled. In the meantime, we encourage any interested to visit our website for more information on CyberDefender, and Early Detection Center 3.0.

    Thank you,


    Early Detection Center 3.0:

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  •   Sep 15, 2010


    Look, I contacted your company a total of 11 times, questioning how you were able to find my credit card, bill me $79.94, and then
    tell me that you have NO INFORMATION regarding my account ! When I did contact you I was told that according to your EULA, you had the right to automatically re-bill me for another year of service. I was told that an e-mail was always sent to the subscriber, at least one week prior to re-billing, allowing the customer to keep your product, or, opt out. Well, guess what ? I never received an e-mail of any sorts !

    I went above and beyond trying to give your people proof that I had purchased this product a year ago. I told your reps that I had lost the activation code, due to a system failure, scanned and mailed the disk & cover (Front & Back). After all, how would I have the product if you didn't mail it to my home ? I provided several e-mail address's (Not remembering exactly which one I used a YEAR ago) trying to make it easier to locate my account, provided phone numbers, and a postal mailing address in several e-mails back and forth with you.

    I was even willing to drop my complaint, providing that you would resend, or supply my activation code. However, as I was told numerous times, you had NO INFORMATION regarding my account. Exactly what more do you expect your customers to do ???????
    I've seen good customer service, and I've seen bad. Yours is pathetic !!!

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  •   Sep 15, 2010

    Here is your standard reply that I received several times !!!

    Dear John W

    > Thank you for contacting CyberDefender’s customer service.
    > We were unsuccessful locating your CyberDefender account using the information you provided. Please keep in mind that if you purchased our product through a 3rd party company we will not have record of your account in our system. You will need to contact that 3rd party company for further assistance.
    > If you are confident you purchased the product directly off our website, please reply with the following minimum information to help us locate your account:
    > First and last name used to purchase CyberDefender
    > E-mail address used to purchase CyberDefender
    > Your mailing address entered when purchasing CyberDefender
    > The product(s) name purchased
    > The date purchased
    > Activation Code for the software purchased if available
    > Order Number if available
    > Upon receiving your reply with this information we should hopefully be able to locate your account. We will reply with your Activation Code and/or any information you requested.
    > Thank you,
    > CyberDefender Support

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  • Cy
      Sep 24, 2010

    Hello John,

    Regarding your replies, we would like to state that it is both our desire and intention to assist you. We simply require more information. This is an excellent opportunity for you to both be in touch with an active representative who can help you.

    However, I myself have no way of checking your contacts with our company based on currently provided information. It's understood that Complaints Board is a public forum, and that you might not wish to post any potentially identifiable private information. As such, we recommend you contact us at [protected] If you do, please reference " Complaint #c373314" in the email to ensure expedited routing, and from there I can personally handle the investigation. There are still a couple means which might not have been employed in previous search attempts that could shed some light on the issue.

    As was previously expressed, purchasers of CyberDefender software products are emailed a week in advance of impending renewal charges. If you did not receive one, it's possible that your email provider filtered the notification into a Spam or Trash folder.

    Now, you stated that you received the refunded amount in your initial statement, and we are therefore limited somewhat in regard to issuing a refund. However, with your assistance, we can investigate the matter properly, find out what went wrong, and ensure similar incidents do not occur. Any instances discovered of our representatives handling this case in an incompetent manner will be thoroughly addressed, and met with reprimands if necessary. As a company, we continually strive to become ever more efficient, and consumer feedback is an invaluable resource when it comes to fully realizing our goals.


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  •   Sep 26, 2010

    Hello Clyde,

    As far as I am concerned Clyde, this is now a closed matter. However, I will provide feedback should it be of any help.
    Here are three of the support ticket numbers that may help you on your end of this matter.


    I know from experience that it is my obligation to save any correspondence from a vendor (Sales receipts, confirmations, activation
    codes, e-mails, etc ) which I do on a regular basis. In this case, I had a system failure that required rebooting my PC from the factory disks before I actually had completed this task. Therefore, all information was lost, as mentioned in numerous contacts to your support personnel.

    I have purchased software from many vendors, always paying extra for a back-up disk to insure that I can install their product in the event of this type of problem. I would have to say that 95% of these disks have the user information printed directly on the disk, allowing for a trouble free experience. This would simply make using your product effortless.

    As for your statement "We simply require more information", I don't know what else I could have provided, other than offering my first born child as a sacrifice. I simply wanted to know how CyberDefender could charge a persons credit card, then claim to have no information whatsoever on this person ? Is there a complete communication breakdown between your billing and support staff ? If so, maybe this should be addressed ? Good luck in your quest ...


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