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CVS Store - Miami Beach / ridiculous store!

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CVS Store
4040 Prarie Ave. Miami Beach, Florida 33140

This store has been ridiculous since it opened. The lines are always forever and the pharmacy always has an issue. After a while you just learn to except it until something just has to give. My mother dropped film off for the one hour developing service. They demand that it will have to be 24 hour service. After waiting for 15 mins. She says that is fine and gets her ticket. The next evening I drop her off and wait out side while she stands in line for 20 mins. only to be told to come back the next day. The associate "Jo" tells her he doesn't know if anyone's film has arrived and he is too busy to look. She tells me this and it angers me. I go in and stand in line for 15 mins. while he and the manager walk by and ignore me. I finally scream, "I want to see a manager now!" The manager (I didn't realize it was him until "Jo" calls him) is in the back room after passing me three times and not acknowledging me once. He comes out and has the nerve to ask me to wait a little longer. I wait another 5 mins. He walks over and says "You have a problem?" I am boiling and start explaining that I wanted 1 hour service and was made to wait 24 hours. No one can find the film and no one has bothered to help min in 25 mins. He is aggressive and starts to tell me that I haven't been standing there. He asks "Jo" if this is true and he says it is. I demand "Duval's" manager's name and number. "Duval" the manager, starts being nice. He goes behind the counter and glances down and says, "I'm sorry, I can't find your film. Wait, what is your name." He hadn't even asked me yet. I say just give me the information so I can leave. He does. I call the manager's manager. No reply. The next day, I call again and leave another message. No reply. That night I email their site. The next day, no reply. I finally look up complaints on google. BAM! A million of them pop up. I find the number and they get me on the phone with the store's assistant manager. She tell me the film turned out blank and has been there since an hour after delivery on the first day. She didn't know why they couldn't find it and said she would give me another role.

There is a week of my life I can never get back!

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