CVS Store 7818 / customer service from store employees

Tonight I went to CVS to get something because I didn't want to go to Walmart. I only needed 2 items. When I was ready to check out I was waiting in line behind 2 women. Only 1 employee was working the counter. The employee and customer were Hispanic. They were talking and taking their sweet time while I waited for 2 items. The employee didn't apologize or offer to help myself or get someone else to hurry the process up. Instead of thinking it would take less than 5 mins to go into the store and get my items, then check out, turned into over 15 minuets. The speaking in Spanish only is rude. We live in a town that is over 80% Hispanic, but we live in America and we live in a small town in Texas, and after a while shopping in this town you begin to think we are in Mexico. We are tired of being treated that we don't matter and they will get to us when they are ready too. It's like the employees are racist against white people. The majority of customers going to CVS have stopped going or plan to stop because of the employees here in our store. No one greeted us, they didn't thank us, and they certainly didn't have a conversation with us like they did the two other customers. I know that CVS has lost good employees and most were able to get a job with a locally owned pharmacy and store. Unfortunately they were closed or I would have gone there. We think your store needs to either address customer service training again or serve Hispanic customers only.

Nov 20, 2017

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