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I took coupons to my local CVS store and tried to purchase the items from the coupons. The cashier tells me that I can not use all the coupons that I had. The cashier then tells me that the register said that I had reached my coupon limit for the items I was trying to purchase. I took my coupons home and looked up the CVS coupon policy and it states under their multiple coupon section “CVS/pharmacy accepts ONE third-party manufacturer coupon AND applicable CVS/pharmacy coupon(s) for the purcahse of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.”

I printed off this policy and returned to the CVS and proceeded to show them their own policy when they still refused to honor my coupons. I was told that they didn’t know where I got the print out and that as long as the computer was telling them that I ahd reached my coupon limit on the items I was trying to purchase they could not accept them.

What is the point of having such things in your policies if even when presented in black and white with the printed policy you still aren’t allowed to use your coupons? I believe that if your policy says you will accept them then your empolyees should honor that. I am very unsatisfied with this local CVS pharmacy and plan not to return. I am a mother of two small children and need to save money where I can. That is why I coupon.

But when you are denied the use of the ones you have for no valid reason other than the cashier is too lazy to push a few buttons to enter the coupon manually. That is what I believe they should have done instead of in not so many words that I had fabricted the printed out copy of their policy.

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  • Fa
      12th of Dec, 2011

    As young as they may be at least they know that there are 24 different time zones, and maybe you can go back to school yourself since you cannot spell his name "Zachary": when it is right in front of you.

    I agree Kevin is a rude child, a bully, but Zachary is polite.

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  • Jk
      10th of Apr, 2012

    Wow, how ignorant of you. You know that putting coupons in manually will hurt the cashier. Doing so will decrease that persons % in coupon scan rate which the managers DO notice and they post the reports for everyone to see. Have low % rates and you can get fired.
    Why the hell should that employee get fired just because you want to save 20 cents and don't understand the coupon policies? How about you get a job at a place like CVS and experience it on your own? It's a shame they have to deal with such people like you...

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  • Sm
      17th of May, 2012

    I agree with you 100%. I just got fired and charged $120 because of taking too many coupons. There's a key on the register that says "coupon-not present" and then you key in the amount of money the coupon is for. Whenever someone reached their coupon limit, I would just hit that button. Loss prevention came in and interrogated me. Now I'm a stripper.

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  • Iz
      27th of Jul, 2012

    I'm confused, coupon maniac. Were you trying to use multiple coupons for one item, or was each coupon for a separate item? If the latter is the case, and you just had too many, then the cashier could have done a second transaction, to get the rest of your purchases.

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