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CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / harassment by an employee

1 Sparks, NV, United States

I'm calling to complain about an employee that works at the location at 680 McCarran Boulevard in Sparks Nevada her name is Tina she works in the evening time. I have lived in this area of Sparks for my entire life and I have always gone to CVS and I spent a lot of money there that's where I going to shop for all of my employees when I'm doing employee functions and I spent a lot of money there . The last couple times I've gone in there in the evening time and employee named Tina the second I walk in she tells me in front of everybody yells across the store no! you need to get out of here you can't be in be in here, you were caught stealing you're not allowed in here. She is extraordinarily rude she's very disrespectful. I have never ever stolen anything in my entire life and I don't know who she is mistaking me with but I told her that she has the wrong person I've never been kicked out of there and I am so angry right now I went to go buy my son candy and medicine because he's sick and she kicks me out again. Her behavior and her actions and the way that she presents herself and represent CVS is unprofessional and disgraceful. This kind of customer care is unacceptable, it's embarrassing for you guys it was embarrassing for me and it's just extraordinarily disappointing. I have never had a problem at CVS I enjoy the store it's one of my favorites but now all I have is a bitter taste in my mouth for it because of a bad employee and her not checking her facts before she goes wrongfully accusing people of such a horrifying thing. I have worked in management for 10 years and I get it people do come in and steal and try to get them to not be in there anymore and to discourage that behavior but I also know that from a business point of view we don't just go shouting out at people and accusing them of being a thief without checking the facts or double-checking somehow someway that they've got the right person.
On the first occasion that this happened it was me and my girlfriend who is the same as me runs her own business never been in trouble a hard-working woman, and Tina the cashier there accused us both of being thieves that have been caught before and kicked us both out. I truly hope that this is dealt with and that there is some sort of procedure put into place or method that is used for them to identify properly the people that they're kicking out because I am just so incredibly disappointed right now at the choice of employees left in the store at night time by themselves with no management to speak with.

Jun 9, 2018

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