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Cutco Cutlery / Abuse of employees

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I've heard that this company does not treat its employees very well. I went to an interview last night, and It seemed all right, if a little boring. (my eyes were starting to glase over). But putting 135 dollars upfront did not seem right.

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  • Ba
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    In the end the products are of excellent quality and I wouldn't mind owning a few, but still couldn't afford them, even with my "employee discount", however, THE reason I called for an 'interview' was to find out how they got my cell phone number to send me a text message telling me about their '$17.25 per hour" job. I asked ten very specific questions regarding the job and company. I was told to ask the manager at my interview as an answer to each of my questions - the only real answer I got was that it was a company selling housewares. Bottom line, not many people have my cell phone number and I contacted each and every one after the interview as the "manager" said they had gotten my number from one of my friends recommending me. No dice, only three people had even heard of Cutco or Vector, let alone attend one of their interviews. The "office" was a dingy, dirty rancher behind another business littered with 'rah-rah' signs hanging from the ceiling, making it look very unprofessional. This was a 90 second interview and 45 minute interactive presentation. We participated by cutting pieces of leather and rope and we provided the coins that were cut into corkscrew with their scissors while listening to the manager explain the process at fast forward speed while swilling what looked like spinach juice directly from a Wawa green tea half gallon container, again very unprofessional. NOT $17.25 and hour, but per appointment. NOT customers coming into the office as they have information on the company and they are interested in the product and dying to buy it from you. Only ONE person from the group, (yes this was a group) would be chosen for the job as at $17.25 an hour (there it was again) they had to be selective as to who they thought best filled the bill. Yes you did have to purchase your own set of cutlery, but which pieces were contained in the set you bought wasn't even covered, or you could sign a contract and borrow a set. You find your own customers, it's your own gas, and it will cost you to provide the "props"to cut up. I was not surprised to be rejected as one of the 'contestants' for the job. I am a leader, not a follower, by nature, so if someone says the chalk board is white not black as I'm staring at black I'm not going to bobble head myself and say, yeh, it's white. There were just too many inconsistencies throughout the process. Yes, Cutco is ligit, and many people have made some really good money at it, however I will not be one of them - darn, I really liked that fish fillet knife gizmo and would love to have bought one for all the guys on my Christmas list!

  • Je
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    I agree that cutco is a fraud. I worked there for a bit, I kept getting calls saying I need to make more appointments and why I'm not speaking to people that are married over the age of 30 and own a home. "They are the best to sell to" they say. But they never told me that I "had" to sell anything they said I get a base pay of 13.75$ an appointment, then after seeing that I barely sell anything because I don't know many people, they started to harass me and analyzing why I never sell. This place sucks and I quit without telling anyone.

  • Ba
      3rd of Jul, 2011
    -1 Votes

    im sorry but i would have to disagree. it takes time and effort to do this job, which apparently none of you realize. i did NOT have to pay for my sample kit. and no i am NOT stupid. the reason why so many college students are hired is because it gives them a chance to make money as well as earn college credits and scholarships, and because it allows them to work around there schedules. just because some of you didnt make it in, or are to lazy to work for your pay checks doesnt mean the res of us are. and just so you know if you are smart enough to get this job and put forth the effort to do what you need to do it really doest cost that much at all. and btw if you keep track of your miles and the money you spend on work related items, thats all a tax write off at the end of year. so if your are spending that extra money to go and do your demos you are compensated at the end of the year with your taxes, as well as your paycheck, and bonuses that you earn when you work hard and put forth the effort. so no its not a scheme, people are just upset because they are too lazy and do not want to work for there paychecks, and are pissed off because those of us willing to actually do some work are greatly rewarded.

  • Ra
      26th of May, 2012
    -1 Votes

    I agree with the last comment! Working hard and staying positive is the only way you can be successful at this job and other jobs as well!

  • Vc
      17th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    All I know is that I have a phone appointment with my nephew in law and know that I will feel obligated to buy. I don't mind buying a good product at a reasonable price but don't have a lot of extra for items I don't really need. I don't like the idea of giving names of friends and family for him to call on and I probably won't.

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