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Buyer beware!! Our pool table arrived damaged and after 1.25 years, we are still waiting to receive replacment parts (which is probably never going to happen!). Don’t believe anything you see on their website. As a former customer, some of the things I see on their website are simply laughable – or in my case, infuriating!

• “FREE Shipping – FAST!” – Okay, yes, the shipping may be free but you’ll pay dearly in the wait time! We ordered our pool table in early August 2010 and PAID IN FULL at the time of ordering. It was listed as “In stock – Next Day Shipping”. Well, one month goes by and we hear nothing. So we call to find out what happened and are told that there was a mistake and it will actually be another 6 weeks before our table is available for shipping. Fine. We wait 6 weeks and again, nothing shows up. We call again and are told that there was a delay and that it is coming in the NEXT shipment which means another 6-8 weeks and pushes the delivery time out to around Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving comes and goes and still no pool table. Maybe by Christmas? Not! After many phone calls and more waiting, at last, the pool table is finally delivered (damaged) in January 2011.
• “FREE Deluxe Accessory Kit” – You get a kit, but it is far from deluxe. The wall rack that came was bright yellow (yes, yellow!) painted wood that was probably overstocked inventory that no one else wanted and it is the style that can be bought for $11 at Sears (but Sears probably has better colors). Pool cues were cheap and not straight or balanced.
• “HIGHEST Quality” – We bought the Modena Dining/Poker Pool Table. All the pieces to our table were damaged. We were told that prior to shipping to the customer, each table is thoroughly inspected by Cuszoom. The aluminum legs were all dented in several places, the dining table top was warped and bowed in the middle of the table, the dining table top also had a 2 inch crack on the top surface, the felt on the poker inserts were ripped and the poker inserts themselves were completely warped and would not lay flat on the table. For all of these issues, we are still to this day (April 2012) trying to get replacement parts from Cuszoom.
• “BEST Customer Service” – After dealing with Cuszoom over the last 1.5 years, I’m going to have to strongly disagree that they have the best customer service. From my viewpoint, they have no customer service. As noted above, many of the components to our pool/dining table arrived damaged. After many phone calls and emails of photographic proof, Cuszoom agreed to replacing the damaged parts. Well, it is now 1 year and 3 months since first notifying them of the damage and we still have not received any replacement parts. Over the course of the last year, in numerous phone calls and emails, everytime we are told that the replacement parts are “coming in the next shipment” and of course that is never true since we still haven’t received anything. So I can only conclude that a) we will never receive replacement parts; b) Cuszoom only cares about new business and once they get your money, good luck trying to get them to honor any kind of warranty or commitment to quality.
• “CusZoom will replace any defected parts, we stand behind our product 100% and pride ourselves in 100% customer satisfaction.” – I’m still waiting after a year and a half to receive our replacement parts and to be completely satisfied.

Please also note that Cuszoom has hijacked pictures of the actual Fusion Pool table by Aramith and posted them on the Cuszoom website as their own.

Cuszoom is also flat out lying on their website about being accredited by the Better Business Bureau! Just check out the BBB website and if you search Cuszoom, it states very clearly in large bold letters that “This business is not BBB accredited”. Not to mention that Cuszoom got an F rating (on a scale from A+ to F) on the BBB website based on 14 complaints filed in the last 12 months (7 of those for delivery issues, 5 for problems with the product or service!). I’ll be adding my complaint to the others!
Bottom line, if you are considering buying from Cuszoom, DON’T DO IT!


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