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Customer Complaint / Worse Customer Service

1 709 8 ST SWCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 403-263-9553

I have already filed a complaint here, but not sure if it went through.
Today, on March 16, 2009 between the hours 4:05 pm-4:10pm. I have already ordered my meal and put them on a table where I needed to use restroom, but the door was locked, there a note behind the door to ask somebody at the front door to open. I went to this gentleman wearing glasses, Jayden K. ( a Swing Manager) if I could use the restroom. He told me in a bad tone and a worse way that it's only for customers. I replied, I am a customer and that table there is my meal, which I have already ordered. He again was not even looking in the eyes responded go ask the person who took your order. I went to find the guy who took my order and made payments. Unfortunately, he wasn't there at the moment, not sure where he went. I asked the girl who prepared my meal and handed it to me. As she was busy preparing somebody else food. Asked in a nice way if I could hold. I was patiently waiting for her to open the door. This Jayden K. ( Swing Manager), a big guy who he should be really proud that he is a Swing Manager was not talking a nice way, but instead he was talking very mean and with a worse tone. I am sure that place is not a good place, but I was not like one of those drugs people that he talked to me that way. He asked me if he could help me while I was waiting for that girl. I replied yes, If I could use the restrooms. Again he was with such a rough tone replied" I told you to ask the person who served you", while the girl came and asked me I can go and she will open the door. I am really mad at the moment, and it also makes me laugh when I remember that moment how calm and patient I was while he was talking in a mean way with a rough tone. This Jayden K. ( Swing Manager) must be really proud of his title I guess. That should have made him to be acting like a boss on customers. I will try to contact that store to have my complaint with the store manager as well.

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