Custom Wall Displays / As unprofessional as company can get

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First contact with them was back in March 2010, concerning them making me a custom-made nail-polish display. We discussed dimensions, I was told they could provide the service, and I wrote asking about payment options. I did not hear back from them, so I wrote several times. Finally, I did receive a reply, saying they had not received my prior mails.

Placed my order with them April 11, 2010 and paid via PayPal. Was told they "are very busy and only do this on the side, for extra income, so to please have patience - it could be several weeks before receiving item."

Waited...and waited...and waited...and...WAITED.

Exchanged several e-mails asking where my order was... May 30, I was told they were "sorry" - they had misplaced my order, but would have it out to me ASAP.

June 10, 2010, I receive a package from them. It is NOT what I had ordered!! I had ordered a nice wall display for nail-polish. What I GOT, was a cheaply made, flimsy, desktop, step-display that did NOT fit the dimensions given in the order; nor did it even have sides! It wasn't even completely put together - the last piece was sent with some double-sided tape, for me to put together, myself. Again, this was NOT well-made and looked NOTHING like their example picture.

I wrote and complained - even sent pictures. I was told they didn't know how such a mix-up could happen, and were, again, very sorry. They told me to keep the step display, and that they would have my order out to me ASAP.

It is now JULY 24, 2010 - I still do not have my display. I, since, have contacted them numerous times, only to be given the run-around. In fact, first contact back with them, they actually had the nerve to ask me, "We sent you your display, what's the problem??" I quickly reminded them that they sent me something completely different than what I had ordered, and promised they would get my ACTUAL order out to me ASAP. I told them I no longer want the display, just give me a refund. I have not heard back from them since. I've sent several e-mails, with no replies now.


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