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Custom Training, LLC / Poor Service

1 2018 Morris AvenueUnion, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 908-688-9392

On May 29th I visited Custom Training to check out the facility and sign up for a small session package costing around $1200. At that point I was encouraged to sign up for a 6 month package and purchase supplements, equipment, which I did. What the hell right? Let's get in shape!!

I agreed to have the facility draft from my checking account after a sizeable down payment. I did not realize at the time that I was signing a very one-sided binding contract with NO cancellation clause - SHAME ON ME. However, I was never provided with a copy of the contract.

Initally I was excited about this program but after 6 training sessions I came to the conclusion that the training program was sub-par and I did not want to continue with Custom. I called the trainer/owner on Monday, June 23rd (not even thirty days from the illeged contract signing).

At first I said I was moving earlier than planned and needed to settle up. I did not want to be blunt or create hard feelings about his training methods. I figured this was not going to be an issue ... it is not like I used the sessions yet and he was losing money. I even offered to pay whatever finance charges he incurred in setting up the draft. I was then informed that I signed a very binding contract and he then forwarded me a copy. I was completely shocked at this.

Following this I called Custom Training again and explained that I previously avoided being blunt and harsh but that the training program is not what I was expecting and I was uncomfortable paying all that money for a trainer to simply watch me work out. That's right, I could have been working out alone. He then asked me what I expected at 6 am. I have worked with trainers in the past and the sessions were by far the worst. Personal training is expensive and its expensive because its one-on-one interactive training. In addition I found out that the supplements I purchased from them could have been purchased from my local Vitamin Shop at half the price. I felt completely taken.

So, where do I stand now? Custom Training said I was free to stop the drafts but that Affiliated Acceptance would come after me for the remaining balance and destroy my credit unless I paid the remaining balance of $1, 820. So, I documented my disappointment in a letter to Custom and PAID the remaining balance. I do not want to have my credit report damaged.

I couldn't believe that the business owner couldn't be more flexible. After all, we are talking about services here, not tangible goods. He collected all of my money providing no services. Custom Training is not out anything because of me wishing to not train with them. In addition, there is only one trainer so it's not like I could use a different trainer. Custom says they encouraged and continue to encourage me to use my sessions, completely missing the point that I DON'T WANT THEM and chosing to take my money.

I am disappointed and cannot believe that companies like Affiliated are allowed to operate and draft contracts that are so one sided against the consumer. Custom states that it's Affiliated that will go after me wanting their money. This leads me to believe that Affiliated and companies like this front the business owner the entire contract. I could not get confirmation of this from the owner/trainer. I have to assume this though because what other reason could there be for taking the balance for services NOT provided than they got their money from Affiliated, spent it and can't give it back to Affiliated!

I PAID and my point here is BEWARE of personal training outfits such Custom Training and their contracts. Custom Training should be ashamed of themselves and the way they conduct business (and I don't beleive I am the first or the last to be basically robbed of my hard earned money by Custom). Shame on me for not being a smarter consumer ... CONSUMER BEWARE ... signing a personal training contract is NEVER a good idea since they are evidently notorious for consumer issues.


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