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Custom Phones, Inc. / Horrible treatment of customers

1 638 Virginia AvenueIndianapolis, IN, United States
Contact information:

Custom Phones,,,, Fun Home Products Inc.,,,

Here is the complaint that was submitted to the Better Business Bureau that they did not reply to. I don't know the exact date of purchase. It was in Spring of 2006.

Not even responding to the Better Business Bureau should give you an idea of what type of business they run. The complaint was submitted to the BBB around late 2007 to early 2008

According to the websites Custom Phones,, and all are part of Fun Home Products, Inc.

"Back in spring of 2006 I bought a phone from Custom Phones for my elderly mother. The phone is staticy and hard for the person on the other end of the line to hear her. I tried many phones in that jack and they all worked well. In fall of 2006 I contacted Custom Phones/Mrs. Irwin and she were not cooperable at all. She said the phone is under warranty from Southwestern Bell. I contacted Southwestern Bell only to find out it was not since we did not get it through them.

I contacted Mrs. Irwin and she was rude and terse difficult person I have worked with. She said it was outside the 30 days and I was out of luck with them. This conversation came after I called over and over and they SCREENED the calls and she was never available when my name was said. Finally a co-worker of mine called and said her name and Mrs. Irwin came to the phone and was very rude when she found out it was I.

I explained it was out of the 30 days because I tried several phones in that jack to make sure it was the phone versus the phone jack. I also offered to send the phone back to them so they could do whatever they wanted to do with it.

I explained that customer satisfaction was a good idea in business and that most places would care about their customers satisfaction. She said, There is nothing I will do for you.

Part of being in business is to deliver products that work as intended and this product never has.

I request a working phone for my elderly mother and customer satisfaction. It is over a year after the purchase and we are still stuck with a non-optimal phone. I will be happy to send them this phone back if they want it so long as I get a phone for my mother that works properly."

Here is the response from the Better Business Bureau.

"March 15, 2008


RE: BBB Case ... - Custom Phones, Inc.

Dear Mr. ...:

This letter is to inform you that while the BBB contacted the company regarding your complaint by regular and certified mail, the company has not responded. Due to the company's lack of cooperation, we are unable to assist you further. Your unanswered complaint will be reflected in the company's report and will cause the company to have an "Unsatisfactory" record, which is the BBB's lowest rating . If you wish to pursue this matter further, you may wish to contact legal counsel.

The BBB is sorry we could not help you with your complaint. If in the future you should need our services again, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Director, Dispute Resolution"


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