Curves of Millburyrefusing to reimburse a former member

I joined Curves of Millbury, MA in 2011 after recovering from a devastating leg injury I sustained in 2010. After one visit it was clear I couldn't work out without pain, so my doctor wrote a note excusing me for several months. I hand delivered the note to Millbury Curves. Before the end of that time I had moved to another state, and I called Curves wanting to quit as I did not heal as fast, and needed to attend physical therapy instead of Curves. I was told I was not a member anymore and did not have to worry, in fact they assured me I didn't even have to come in with a note, I wasn't in the system! I felt relieved that I didn't have to make the trip.
Lo and behold I am one of those lazy ladies who does not check my bank statement and discovered last month that I had been charged for years up until 2014! When I called to complain, I was laughed at by the first receptionist and basically told I was out of luck by the manager. It is highly unprofessional, and I feel negligent -to continue to collect money from a person who hasn't used services at all for a number of years, and not admit the possibility of culpability on the part of the receptionist who apparently misinformed me years ago.

Jul 03, 2014

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