Curry's UKPoor installations

Curry's has sent out 3 different teams of "engineers" to install a very simple 60cm range hood by Logik. The first team, left my front door open, stood on my new hob, bent the chimney of the hood to try to force it into place, blew the electric in the house, requiring an electrician to visit. And after all of this, the hood did not work, the motor died. The second group did a proper install, but the moment they left, the hood motor quit working. The 3rd group of installers arrived this morning. Without a call to let me know they were scheduled, a 30 minute warning only. They walked right into the house without a knock, because the neighbor waved them into the driveway from her window. They took this to mean, come on it. They came upstairs, used the restroom, took the hood down. Then just put it back up without doing a thing. They said it was to be a removal! I have now been on hold with customer service for the 4th time, for 25 minutes, no answer. I am in complete shock. This type of service is complete rubbish.

Feb 20, 2016

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