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Curry Park Farm - Folkestone Kent / I have a faulty computer and I spent £700 and no one will do anything it's the company policy

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In January 2006 I have bought a laptop in Curry Park farm Folkestone kent, in May 2006 it was already faultif, I have contacted the techniciens on the phone and discovered that I hadn't took out a covert for business that I was really surprised as I specificaly notified that computer is business use! So they took my computer away for almost 2 weeks, my business survive with great difficulties!!! Then this sunday 1st of October here we go again!!! this time couldn't use my scanner and my hub whitch are really needed, so I went back to Curry and bought a new scanner £ 60 and a new hub £25 and guess what same problem so I phoned 3 times to the techniciens they tried everything on the phone and at the end they just said that wasn't the computer meaning no techniciens to fix it! I had to call myself a technicien out and pay him when I have a cover £20 because he couldn't fix it, the very evening I went back to curry asking to exchange straight away the laptop they answer was no you must give the computer to us and after 21 days we will exchanged it!!!! I said because 21 days without a computer it's almost £ 1000 lost they still refused even to give me another computer while I wait 21 days and the manager Simon Attwater claiming that he must treat the customer fairly, he refuses to admit that I was sold the wrong cover and It's already cost me £100 he would not help! So I had to go in Comet and buy another computer £600 and I phoned the customers services, I explained the situation and they simply said it's the policie and there is nothing they can do not even put me with the technicien to arrange a collection of the computer she said you have to phone and we are the only one to deal with complain and we will not compensate you so in total I have a faulty computer and I spent £700 and no one will do anything it's the company policy.

What can I do????

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      31st of Mar, 2009
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    You should have demanded a full refund under the sale of good act 1979 goods must be fit for purpose, durable and of satisfactory quality and clearly your computer equiptment wasnt. Thier store's policy does not supercede statutory law!!!

    I am battling with the same Curry's in Park Farm and am trying to call the same manager but without success.

    I am going through Consumer Direct you can find them on the internet and they will help you with wording and procedures of the law. I know its 3 years since your complaint but you are covered for up to 6 years under the law, you dont need any other warranty.

    Please contact me if you like; 01303 240068

  • Ni
      24th of Jan, 2010
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    This is because the sale of goods act covers everything from a pair of shoes to a computer and therefore there is no time limits on when the items are accepted for a 'Full refund'. Currys work on a 28 return to store if faulty system, where the item is exchanged or refunded providing a fault is identified. If the item is faulty then it is expected to have been faulty from the date of purchase by manufacturing error if within the 28 day period. But they don’t even really have to provide that. This is something that competitor’s across the electrical industry have provided and agreed with the manufacture.

    By law the retailer only have to provide technical help where possible to the first 6 months from the date of purchase (Currys provide 1 year, once again something they don’t have to do). After that it is up to the consumer to prove that it was faulty due to manufacturing error at their own expense. Then it is a head office matter. They will assess the case and if they agree that there are grounds for re-imbursements then they will provide a full or partial refund for the goods (or bads in this case).

    If you haven’t guest it by now... Yes I am an employee of the company from that very store in Folkestone. And had you approached me personally I would have not hesitated in helping out as much as possible. However, really it would have been a manager’s responsibility to advise you of this as believe it or not they are sent on numerous training courses to make sure that they understand the policies of the company as well as the country. Unfortunate sales colleagues are not and it is a shame and possibly a company let down that we are not all so well read on the subject.

    My advice to you is to gather all of the paper work, document everything you have been through and send it to
    DSGi plc
    Customer Services
    Maylands Avenue
    Hemel Hempstead
    HP2 7TG

    You will be surprised how wiling they will be to help out.

    hope this help and shines a light on similar problems for you all.

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