Curley Toyota, Cortland Manor, Yorktown, NY / 2015 rave4

1 Cortlandt Manor Yorktown NY, United States

Leased a 2015 Rave 4 on Feb 16, 2016. Since then I've returned several times for a slow leak in the front left tire. Finally made an appointment to have the tire checked out. Their response was that it had a plug in it and could not be repaired and a new tire would cost ME, $237.00.

Why should I pay, when in fact, they leased me a car with a bad tire !?

My wife and I have leased from Currey Honda for many years but liked the Rave 4 that we seen on the lot at the Toyota dealership.
Did we make a mistake and shouldn't we be reimbursed for a bad tire ?

We are both in our 80's and cannot take a chance getting stuck on the road.

Please advise !
Sal Catalfamo

Jan 27, 2017

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