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Cub shitdeck / working man getting screwed again

1 7646 WV Hwy 47WCoxs Mills, WV, United States Review updated:
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After thorough research (or so I thought) I decided to purchase the Cub Cadet GT1554 "garden tractor" for $3, 100. The first summer: Believing I could simply mow grass with the piece of junk was my first downfall...The deck would hold more grass than a grass bagger will...and "no", the grass wasn't wet or extraordinarily tall...guess what happens next...the deck belt broke...well, it IS only $32 to replace...luckily it was under warranty...but wait! What was that the repair man said when I brought it in? "Did I purchase an extended warranty on it?" Well, no. Why do you ask Mr. Repairman? Why are you chuckling? Ohhhh...I need another deck belt within a couple of weeks... SUMMER #2: "Why is that front wheel wobbling that way Mr. Repairman? Why are you still laughing?"----The front wheels don't have wheel bearings? C'mon...seriously? You bet...just plain old teflon sleeve inserts (with molded PLASTIC grease fittings that fit inside the axel housing..."But I paid $3, 100. Doesn't that mean anything?" Yep. It means MTD is getting rich. -----This mower, and every other one I've seen, is simply a Wal-Mart "Yard Machine" on steroids. Junk, Junk, Junk. I only have 137 hours on it, but at 124 hours (SUMMER #3, this current year), the drive belt breaks...I replace it...4 hours later, it breaks again...I replace it...Breaks again...Hmmmm, something is defintely not right here...Then I do further inspection and find the freaking belt is resting against the steering shaft causing the obvious problem..."Hi...Mr. Repairman? It's me again. Please stop laughing. Yeah, I figured the idler pulley is probably bent, but how in the name of God can that happend when I am simply mowing grass?" Here's another kicker...I go to the Tractor Supply Store to purchase new blades for the SOB...I bought "genuine" Cub Cadet blades "Made for 54" decks"...I take'm home---THEY DON"T FIT!!!?????? bad...I should've known I needed to purchase "genuine" MTD blades...they fit perfect. *****I probably won't get any refund out of this soup sandwhich of a mess, BUT...BUT...I vow to tell anyone and everyone that listens to never buy a Cub Cadet ([censored]deck) with any aspirations of it lasting like they used to (when International made them). "John Deer... here I come!!!"

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      28th of Nov, 2009
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    Did you perform routine maintenance? Did you GREASE the front wheels at the end of the first season? Your assertion that "the deck will hold more grass than a grass bagger will" makes no sense whatesever? What kind of whacky week are you smoking? Chill out dude. $3100 doesn't buy you a commercial grade mower. Not ever close. Did you actually think it would?? This machine is not commercial grade, but it's certain a great deal more substantial that MTD products that you refer to. Sorry, I don't buy your whining here. Cub Cadet is a good product for the money. Your ranting doesn't change that.

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      12th of Aug, 2012
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    Ok. It seems some people still get a good mower from cub cadet... Or maybe northwind (above) builds these lemons or is somehow involved in the denial process with cub cadet. He sure seemed to feel a strong bond to Cub Cadet anyway. Sounds exactly like what the warranty dept keeps tellIng all us with problems over and over... Anyway, This is a lengthy post... But if you are in the market for a lawn tractor or zero turn, you may be glad you read this post. Im sure there will be people replying that argue with my statements. Just know this info is what I have seen firsthand in my yard, as well as through talking to Cub Cadet authorized service agents, CC certified technicians, and at least 10 other owners of CC Z Force mowers that ive run into at the authorized repair shop over these past 2 and a half years, many of whom I have seen there on a regular basis.
    I and MANY others are having the exact same issues as the "rant" post above. When you search belt and pulley issues cub cadet z force, you can read for days how common this problem is. I like my mower, for the two or three weeks i can use it before something breaks again. Yes I perform the standard regular maintenance EVERY time... As I always have on all my prior mowers/tractors. Ive NEVER seen a maintained piece of equipment have to be repaired 2 to 3 times per YEAR for SAME problems every time. CC should ba ashamed. Also, if you search a little broader, you will find a higher defect RATE in current cub cadets than even in Yardman, Poulin, etc.
    I finally got fed up and am taking legal action to hopefully be reimbursed my purchase price... I broke down and bought a REAL machine with TOP of the industry reviews many years running ...(yes it did cost a couple more hundred than the crap cadet). I also got an agreement from the DEALER that if I had to have the same exact repair service performed more than twice during the 3 year warranty, I will be able to get a different mower, basically being credited purchase price toward new mower ... Whats funny is this dealer was FAST to agree to that because they hardly ever have THIS BRAND have recurring issues. Look, I'm sure there are some better built cub cadets still out there like they Used To build... But the FACT is a HUGE % of these cc mowers are STAYING in shops for belt, pulley, and battery/elec issues. My auth dealer/ service center had FIVE z force mowers plus mine all in for the EXACT SAME ISSUES at the same time this last time I was there. Yeah... They told me when a cub cadet comes in for repair, they pretty much predict the problem b4 the customer even talks to them. Scot equipment my place for warranty work, etc said about 80 % of their cc service is belt/pulleys and/or an electrical drain issue... And CC is still blaming it on poornonconsent maintenance? Then why aren't the pulleys on the other brands going out as often? Cub cadet owners are nastier than everyone else? Think about it.

    Listen... If you are reading this BEFORE buying a zero turn mower, STAY AWAY from the current z force line. Even if Cub Cadet has redesigned lately, you need to know that they HAVE to know they screwed a whole lot of people on these issues nationwide for at least the last 3 years. Some authorized dealers that are also authorized repair facilities for warranty claims, etc stopped selling this line bc they don't feel right selling a likely lemon to their customers. The big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot only SELL... They don't service. They can't accurately tell you which of their mowers are truly reliable. U can buy there, but MAKE SURE you do some good research on any mower's reliability before you buy. My next door neighbor bought a new zero turn mower (good brand) same week I bought the cub cadet 2 and a half years ago... He never cleans anything on or under his mower (other than oil changes and air filters). His yard is twice the size of mine. My Crap Cadet... In shop SEVEN TIMES. Neighbor's mower... Has YET to have a SINGLE thing break. I went and bought that EXACT mower for myself now. Should have listened to him back THEN.
    AWWWWE, the CC had a steering wheel so thqt must be so much easier to use. Really? When I upgraded last week, I put my 9 year old son on this new stick control mower... It took him five minutes to figure out how to push/ pull each stick to get mower to do exactly what he wanted it to do. He got off bragging about how he taught HIMSELF that quickly. I bet ur wife can figure it out quickly too... And sticks are LESS WORK than turning the steering wheel every time u turn around. U barely have to move the sticks to make a regular turn whle mowing. Means u don't have to slow down as much... Meaning I can get my yard finished faster, and without having to keep my fingers crossed each time I try to start or operate the mower.(that's how it was anytime I needed to rely on the CC to get the job done.
    Sorry such a long post but I just want to inform anyone doing their research b4 sinking their hard earned money into a mower. Reliability needs to be ur VERY MOST IMPORTANT factor on a mower these days. I feel like MANY of them aren't made as well as they USED to be. I wish i had Researched the z force line then instead of finding out the hard way now. II hope this helps people. Notice I never told u what the "good" mowers are. Do your research... It will quickly narrow down to 2 maybe 3 recommended lines. You will probably pay a few hundred more, but at least it won't spend half it's life sitting in a new spot once a month or so in your yard waiting for FREE PICKUP/delivery/warranty repairs while u r once again reminding ur neighbor how much smarter he is... Every time you are needing to borrow his mower to pick up where yours broke. It's been a hard Pill to swallow.

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