CTS, Coimbatore (KCT Tech Park) / Harassment by Academy staffs and security guards

1 Coimbatore, India

I have been working with CTS Coimbatore, KCT Tech park for the past month. The people here love to throqw their weight on the junior employees nd keep harassing them to derive pleasure. Even the Security guards are so rude to the employees. he shouted at me very badly once for a minor mistake. I reported the same to my point of contact and she didnt even bother to take any steps. When i was leavinh home, the guards stopped my bike and started threatening me. I didnt bother to listen to them and left the place.Everyone in this place are so rude and do not treat people properly. When i raised this issue, they gave me a reply saying that COIMBATORE is this way and they expect me to tolerate everything. Such a sick attitude they possess.

Feb 6, 2015

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