CTS / Cognizant Technology Solutions – The worst place to work.

1 Chennai, India

Cognizant have many projects and more employees, but when it comes to promotion or rating the employees who butter their managers are favored. Associates who really put their effort and make the deliverable to succeed were not recognized. It’s a favorable place to work only for the associates who can really be like a dog to the managers.
Even if it has multiple locations, they will tell the employees not to have constraint on the location, any project they give in any location we need to take it up. They will also make a note that project may expect working on weekends; this also includes our main holidays like New Year, Christmas or Diwali. Growth of the employee can be seen when they accept to work on these days. Now where the time to spend with family goes? Do we really need to give up the time we spend for our family? For how many weeks you can take it up and work? For how many weeks we have to miss our kids? Employees who doesn’t like the marriage life and who are bachelors can sit for long hours. Working in this environment doesn’t give a healthy life style.
At any point they will not listen to the concerns of the employees and we need to accept what is being told. After taking the work from Employees end of the year, when we ask for promotion they will tell that we did not perform well or we did not take up the task (this might be the task which they would have asked to do on our main occasion or some leaves which we have already applied for) or there is more experienced ppl in the project who needs to be given promotion or if they don’t find any reason they will tell that we did not complete our learning courses or certifications.
At any point there is no motivation or encouragement, the managers tell that they encourage the employees, yes they do it really. But only to those who are perfect slaves to them and the associate who have really put on the effort will be unnoticed.
In cognizant all the employees were forced to fully focus on the rating, since the part of the salary (Component: Variable B) will be given to the employees only based on the Rating. Even if it was our salary they hold it and give based on performance which is highly unacceptable. It we resign in the middle of the year we will not be provided with the Variable B component in the final settlement.
The employees with the designation as “Associate” can never grow, for all the people out there who want to be real and doesn’t want to soap the managers – don’t wait for promotion or rating just quit that job and there is n number of good organization where you can really showcase your talents.

Feb 20, 2015

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