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I purchased a CTL 2 go pc and it wouldn't boot to the operating system ( Windows XP ) When I called CTL I was transferred to a guy names John who identified himself as the 2go project manger.

When I asked him if he could help me he was rude and aggressive and told me he didn't have the time to answer my questions and transferred me to the technical repair line. I then spoke to a guy who sounded Eastern European and he told me he wasn't in charge of repairing 2go pcs and then he transferred me to a guy named Jason. I got Jasons voicemail and left a message with my name, number and email address.

2 weeks later, no reply. I called again and asked to speak to the manager and was transferred to the voicemail of a guy named Eric Stronqist who is the guy in charge of CTL. Again I left my info, again no reply. Companies like these will be the first to go in this economic downturn and they deserve all they get.


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