Crystal Quest Water FiltersUnhonest company

I bought the softener system, and reveres osmosis system from Crystal Quest about $1930, however the softener tank broken after shot time use. I contact Crystal Quest many times but they don't want to fix the tank under warranty, I filled out BBB report, they asked to close the case, so they can send to me the replace tank with $510. However, they sent to me the broken tank again, I don't know that the tank already broken before they ship or during shipping, however when it delivery to me, it already broken. I contact crystal quest many time but they not respond, after the long wait from crystal quest, Sarah Brows from crystal quest agree to take it back the broken tank, and the original tank to repair it. She send the freight shipping company to pickup the broken tank they sent to me, the original broken tank and the control valve, she did not mention about the shipping charge, she just sent the shipping freight to pick up the items. After 2 weeks until last week, she asked to pay $550 for shipping, if not she will not send the tank and the control valve I bought $1930 from crystal quest. If crystal quest not send the repair item to me, they have to credit back my money.
I filled three times complain about this on BBB, every time when I filled the complain, they said close the case and they will resolve the problem, however they not respond when I close the case, crystal quest is not honest to their customer.

Dec 17, 2014

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