Crystal Car Wash - Kingsford, NSWMissing Money

C Review updated:

Prior to pulling up at the car wash, my partner said to me there was some money in the car door & would I put it in the Ashtray with the other bits of change…. Which I did, I put the $8 (4 x $2 coins) just as we pulled up to the car wash.

We had our coffee & read a magazine whilst the car was being cleaned.

We got back in the car & put the change in the ashtray from the change from our coffees, however the $8 had gone!!!

Fortunately, we were still at the car was & my partner spoke to a guy there & asked to speak to the manager, which the manager was soooooo rude to us.
He checked the vacuums for the coins, but they wouldn’t have vacuumed the ashtray surely (it only had coins in, nothing else). No coins were found in the vacuums, therefore someone obviously took it….. there is no other reason for this, how could it go missing if it wasn't vacuumed up.

The money was definitely in there, I had just put it in...!!

The manager accused us of lying and making the story up.

We were offered by another man either a free car wash or our $8 back… of which we requested the $8 back as we wouldn’t be going back to a company who took from us the first time round, let alone giving them a second chance.

Again the manager accused us of lying & making it up…. !! what!! For $8!!!

tut tut tut!


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      Jun 22, 2009

    Yes, this happened to me too at the same place.

    I thought I mislaid it or perhaps I put it in my back, but I knew for sure I had put it in my ashtray compartment.

    I wonder how many others this has happened to?

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