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crysler Jeep dealership / 2000 grand jeep ladero

1 United States

I am an owner of a 2000 grand jeep ladero in the last 4 months I have gone through more then several gallons of anti freeze, had my heater core disconnected due to insane cost, my check gauge light keeps coming on, I have less then half of my oil preasure and I have replaced the entire back brake planels. I took it to the shop I have my work done to, had a complete electrical check done all appeared to be fine, but my guy addressed the oil presure futher bad out come from that information. Basically advised not to drive my jeep until the oil pump has been replaced, looking at approx. 800.00 plus for that job, IF that is not the problem if could be my bearings in my engine, approx 5000.00 for a new engine. Amazing enough the Chysler dealership HAS NO RECALLS for the said above issues i'm suffering with, how can that be possible? I personal take good care of my Jeep and do all I can do. Online thier are several upset people suffering from the same issues I have addressed and they received no help as well. Oh and by the way my guy at the shop told me if I continue to drive my Jeep my engine will blow up. Personally I think all these non recall issues should be taken seriuosly by the dealership and we as people should not be taken advantage of, it's are vechicals are wellbeing and safety at risk. Yes I am upset with just reason.

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