CryptIQ Groupuseless

My complaint has to do with the CryptIQ company that doesn't even look ok even though they tried hard to look legit.
First of all, it's very hard to understand that it's a Singapore company based no one knows where exactly. Singapore is huge, ya know...
The contacts are not provided at all and all they suggest is to fill in an online form, that's not acceptable whatsoever guys.
The website is just a single page with not much information and this fat irritates as hell.
Believe me, if I had more time, I would spend it reading a website with all the comprehensive information, not this crap from CryptIQ.
So what you have clients and partners? How can this influence on me to make a decision to invest in you if you haven't provided anything useful for me?
CryptIQ, change your concept. People are not fools!

Nov 27, 2018

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