Crumbley Robert Association / Hardship

My granddaughter was involved in an accident in 2009, they advised her not to do anything until the settlement. That grow woman is in my house no doing anything, when she need to be out working or going to school, something beneficial with her fife. I can't take this any longer she spends her time no amountfing to anything on your advice. You have told her twice the settlement was in March passed in August lasted day now passed. I'm 60 years old don't need this, you will take a third of the money which is why you're holding out so long the streets and friend will take the rest. Meanwhile, she is destroying my house want clean up behind herself, want do anything constructive do get out on her own. I had to put her out and is being advised to tell you within the closing and opening of five bussiness days you will settle with this grown woman or I will be taking legal actions against you for pain and suffering and for hardships which has been put on my life due to your advice. Five business days September 7th the 6th is a holiday everything is closed. My name is Mary Alice Johnson 140 Collins Church Road Rockingham NC [protected] grand mother I've been hospitalized twice for stress, my blood sugar had not been stable ranging for 160 to 500 due to the stress of trying to maintain my home on 1062 dollars disability money and widowers benefits with no other benefits coming in taking on odd jobs to make my ends meet. Settle or I will be seeking legal actions of so kind so this grown woman can leave my home and get something that will help her in the short run. You will get a big bulk of her money and unwisely the streets will get the rest. Five business days

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