Cruise.comaffiliate program

I have tried to sign up for their affiliate program to sell cruises.
My contact person was claudia ashboune, who did not respond to emails or phone calls. On one occasion I was tarnsferred to kathy samaroo, supposedly claudia's supervisor. She was rude and condescending with me on the phone. A feew days later I called, and talked with the program director of the affiliate service; stewart lowery. There was not one hint of apology, he repeatedly told me that if I have pproblems with the associates I should not proceed with the program.
I thought this program would work for me, so I filled out the paperwork, including my cc number for the price of the course of $ 349.
To my biggest surprise I found two charges from the company for $349. I tried to call claudia, who of course, was not available. I asked for mr. Lowery, who, of course, is out of the office. After several tries I talked with claudia, who had no idea why I was charged twice.
I asked for an immediate refund and cancellation of the whole program.
I feel that this program is a total fraud, and bbb should investigate it in detail.

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Dec 05, 2018

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