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I was dupped as well. I ran across my receipt today as I was cleaning out a file cabinet. My purchase was made on November 12th, 2011. As of today, no magazine. I was told also that if I supplied as much cash as possible, she would get points for going on a trip. I was nieve and fell for it. She was very pushy. She put a "tag" as she called it on my door so no one else in her company could knock on my door. What a scam. I work hard for my money and fell right into the scam!!!

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  • Al
      18th of Dec, 2008
    CRS - Fraud and cheating
    United States

    On June 16, 2008 I bought a magazine subscription from 2 girls selling magazines in order to win a trip. I paid $50 by Check for the subscription. It has been 6 months and I have never received any magazines.

    I have called the so-called company and I get a recording that states all representatives are busy and to leave my name, address, phone number, email address, and receipt number and someone will get back to me the following day. I wonder why I couldn't just stay on the line and wait for the next available representative? I am not giving them all that information, and I don't believe anyone would call back anyway.

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  • Mi
      23rd of Dec, 2008

    On 8/12/08 I also had two friendly visitors at my door, looking to win a trip. I spent over $300.00 and only recieved 2 of 6 subscriptions. They left stickers at my door after transaction, i.e."bug off", how about you?..Looking for answers as well. I also have ...never been scammed. My nieces have necer recieved the 4 most important magazine subscriptions! Clueless in Massachuetts

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  • Pe
      14th of May, 2011
    CRS - poor/incomplete work
    Complete Restoration Services
    United States

    Insurance claim for fire damaged residential home. Poor and incomplete work for which insurance has paid for. Failure to return when promised to correct their so-called warranty work. Difficult to deal with. Terrible attitude. Wondering how much the owner Fred Dudly paid in kick-back to insurance adjuster from Augusta Mutual, Joe Buckner for the job he handed them... Beware if you have the misfortune of having to deal with either of these companies.

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  • As
      23rd of Apr, 2012

    I am very pissed off at CRS Magazine sales because they didn't do as I requested, EVEN THOUGH they said they would. I'm two seconds on calling my attorney for this. I will sue and not think twice about it. They NEVER told me the FIRST time I spoke with them that the magazines would arrive in 60 to 90 days. A few days after they called me, I called them complaining about them taking funds out of my account when I SPECIFICALLY said they could take the money out on a specific day. I had to argue and mention that I would bring my attorney into this and then they FINALLY said they would refund my money and it would only take eight to ten business days... I haven't seen the refund. I haven't seen ANY magazines... I'm [censored] FURIOUS with this SCAMMING "company". My attorney would love to handle this. I'd get refunded for more than the original purchase!!!

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