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On September 9, 2008 I had a door-to-door salesman come to my home soliticing magazines. After listening to this charming young man who was trying to earn money and win a trip, I decided to order a magazine subscription for my daughter and son.

As of today, December 11, 2008, I have yet to receive one single issue of this magazine. Before the sales person left my home, he said that if I didn't recieve the magazine, I could contact the company on the receipt. Upon looking at the receipt, there is no phone number, only an address. So, I go to the internet to see if I can find this company online, and lo and behold there are MANY other individuals with stories just like mine.

I am perfectly happy paying for the subscription to the magazine. I just want the darn thing!

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  • Sh
      Apr 06, 2009

    The information for CRS, 4800 Hwy 377 S, Aubrey, TX [protected]. You will reach Brandy who says she has taken over the company. Don't believe everything you hear. I also contacted the Denton Police station [protected]. And they said to call Brandy to get your refund!

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  • Jd
      Jul 06, 2009

    I to ordered a subscription, from a door to door salesman from CRS, inc. A disabled Marine of all people trying to earn a trip and start his own business. I also have yet to receive my magazine. Ordered the magazine may 9th and its july 6th, still no magazine, cant reach company anywhere, wont answer phone # i was given. Just want Magazine Jason Bishop Colorado

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  • Ir
      Sep 08, 2009

    I also bought a subscription from a high school student who came to my door. I plan to go around my neighborhood to try to find others who wasted their money on this scam. I feel bad for the kid who is also getting scammed & getting a bad rep. in the neighborhood as well. People will think he just pocketed the cash. I bought the subscription for my grandson as a birthday gift. I am unemployed & cannot afford to lose this money.

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  • Mo
      Sep 09, 2009

    I also bought a magazine subscription from a charismatic high school student who was knocking on doors in my neighborhood. I know two more of my neighbors who also brought magazines from the same young man.The check was wriiten July 31 and cleared my bank 7 days later. It is now September 9 and still no subscription. I called the number listed on the paperwork given to me. No Brandy or anyone else answers, but a machine does. Calls have not been returned and I am now going to try a couple more times then the BBB will be contacted.
    Forget about the magazine, I want a refund. I am a garad student and could use this money right now.

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  • La
      Nov 13, 2009

    I was also duped into buying a magazine. I ordered on August 25, 2009.

    A person named Brandon Sheriff show all types of permission cards and letters.
    A map of of the city with his allowed location.

    The paper work receipt I have shows CRS, INC
    4800 Hwy 377 S. Aubrey, TX 76227

    This student had a book of receipts and cash from others who had ordered.

    What a rip off...

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  • Lo
      Dec 06, 2009

    These guys are also active in Oregon. I gave over $48 in June of 2009 and have received nothing. I have filed a complaint with the Oregon attorney general, but don't expect action. This is an operation that probably makes its money via thousands of small deceptions spread across many locations.

    I almost wonder if it isn't one of the 'travelers' schemes. I hear there are active groups of travelers in the USA these days and this is their type of scam.

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  • Ex
      Feb 11, 2010

    I sold magazines for CRS for over a year and a half and the only reason people didn't get there magazines was because of problems with the address(agents hand writing ect.) If you were given a customer service number call it! Don't get on here after 2 months and ### about how you haven't seen your subscription yet! It says on the receipt 90 to 160 days. You people obviously helped this person out for a reason so even if they hadn't been selling magazines you probably would have helped them still.

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  • Be
      Apr 14, 2010

    Bull ### company...

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  • Ta
      Jun 28, 2010

    i too used to sell magazines when i was young and had no conscious. DO NOT EVER buy anything from a mag "salesman" at your door. do not even "donate". this is a scam. we should work together to bring these companies down. i have also contacted an undercover unit. this is a statewide scam. and you would not believe how far they go and how much money they proceed from people eager to help a kid out. they are not legit no matter the paperwork they provide. contact officials immediately when these solicitors show up to "rob" your neighborhood.

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  • Ea
      Jul 21, 2010

    Not only was I conned by the magazine, I realized (after the fact) that the young man selling them was also a con.
    I completely understand all of your concerns. I will be calling them every hour today along with continous e-mails.
    I'll see how that goes.

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  • Ch
      Jul 30, 2010

    I was ripped off in April of this last year... Still nothing. I cancelled my subscription THAT DAY and mailed it. No refund check that was supposed to come out in 10 days... I'm in college... $50 is a TON of money to me. I'm irate. I want a real way to contact these people, and I want my money back. Every. Single. Penny.

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  • Cr
      Sep 29, 2010

    back in April 2009 we had what looked like a high school student stop by selling mag subscriptions - this was in Pembroke Pines, FL - we bought a subscription from him with a check and NEVER got any mags to date!!! a few weeks later another girl came by selling the same and we told her we had already bought a subscription, they left a little sticker on our door that said "bug off" on a regular file folder label and no one came back... still no magazine... today, my husband (who had placed the order with the hs kid) gets a phone call from a very pushy customer service person, stating they were trying to renew his subscription for maxim, car and driver, espn magazine and some other crap my husband does not subscribe to nor ever has! they gave us an address that my husband had not lived in for over 5 years +!!! then they bust out with 3 years ago and then they say it was placed on 10.27.04!!! said they were calling to see "if everything was ok with the subscription and to offer a great deal for his renewal: WT[censored] i got a phone number out of him and the phone number from the cell phone caller id... not sure if it will help any of you but they did say the company was CRS!! 1.888.299.8272 and from the cell 1.325.218.4080. good luck to all - we're going to be hypervigilant with our bank acct as the person would not divulge the cc number they said they had. i also asked them to fax me the original order and he said he would need to ask his supervisor, when i asked to speak to the supervisor he said he was the top guy etc... uh a little contradicting if you ask me!!! BE CAREFUL with these idiot scammers!!!

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