Crowne PlazaHorrible experience - shuttle left us waiting for an hour at the airport at night!

Irresponsible and rude front desk service!!! On March 22nd, after we landed at the international airport at O'Hare, we called Crowne Plaza for a shuttle pick up at 10:01 PM. At that time the hotel attendant said it will be 15-20 minutes. No shuttle came so we called back at 10:30 and was told the driver is on the way. Called 2 more times and each time the Crowne Plaza lady told us it will be 10 minutes, but also asked where we are and where we need to wait. Finally at 10:58 the driver showed up. He told us that he was only asked to get us 5 minutes before he came.
As a result, we stood outside for nearly an hour, late at night, waiting for irresponsible Crowne Plaza to send a shuttle to pick us up!
When we finally got to the hotel, the lady totally ignored us and some fast talking "used car salesman" type guy quickly said he was sorry and refused any sort of discount. He scolded us for complaining, blaming the driver for not picking us up. He was arrogant and rude, smirking while he told us that since we already paid- there was nothing he could do and since this was not a big deal (to wait for an hour)- no discount was possible. After he dismissed us, all 3 people at the front desk ignored us and never acknowledged when we left.
We paid for several days of parking and the shuttle service is part of the fee. The lady clearly lied and never sent the shuttle, each time telling us that the shuttle is on the way. Either that, or she had no problem having people waiting an hour at night.
After being stranded at the terminal for nearly an hour we expected some sort of discount and to be compensated for their incompetence. Mistakes happen, but their rude and condescending behavior is not acceptable. Unless you want to be treated like garbage, we don't recommend rewarding Crowne Plaza with business since they clearly don't value paying clients.

Mar 23, 2016

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