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Crown Paradise Club Resort / Bad experience with Crown Paradise Club Resort in Cancun, Mexico

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The note below encompasses the explanation of our situation in a letter to the alleged owner of the Hotel. We obtained his name from the Hotel Manager we spoke to, but after following up with the phone number she gave us for him we were unsuccessful in getting to speak with him. She had given us an incorrect number.

Dear Mr.. Ornelos,

I am writing to you to express my severe disappointment with the results of what was supposed to be a dream vacation that has turned into a nightmare.

My mother and father booked this vacation for a family reunion involving 15 people from all over the US with age ranges from 2-70 in celebration of my father's birthday and my mother's successful, however temporary, bout with Cancer.

Your hotel we selected was done purposefully because of their wide range of programs for children of all ages, especially for the 2 year old in our group whose parents and grandparents well deserve the break this vacation was to offer by having that childcare available.

Upon arriving in Cancun on Christmas Day our party was taken aside by the management at the hotel, a Mr.. Marcel Aviles, we had selected and told that the hotel was overbooked and that the majority of our party was to be moved to a 5 star brand new luxury hotel owned by the same corporation just a couple miles away with all the same amenities of the hotel we had booked. We were told it was another "family-oriented" resort. This was incorrect.

While the Beach Palace is very nice it is not the vacation we prepared for, packed for, or desired. It is not geared for children, the programs and activities for children are not nearly as extensive and there is absolutely no program offered for the 2 year old in our party. The Crown Paradise apparently did agree to hold a room for and check in the family in our party with the 2 year old however that would mean that our family reunion is divided up into 2 hotels with a 20 minute drive between them and no offered hotel transportation (we were told where we could pick up public transportation). This is unacceptable.

The Beach Palace hotel is far from being the family oriented resort it claims to be. While the accommodations appear to be 5 star there are certain behind the scenes problems like the rusty water coming out of the in-room Jacuzzi and the fact that since there are no programs to accommodate younger children, other guests do not appreciate having to deal with sitting near our party in the restaurants. This means that we have to endure a multitude of dirty looks from other guests - making us very uncomfortable as we did not expect to be treated that way at the family oriented resort we were expecting.

The bottom line here is that we had put our trust in the Crown Paradise to deliver to us what had been contractually agreed to by virtue of our booking and payment and this did not happen. The Crown Paradise has failed to deliver what was promised. Whether not this is the fault of our travel agency or the hotel is of no consequence here. This is not the vacation we paid for.

At one point the manager at the Crown Paradise said to us, "We are not pushing you to take the other hotel." as if it were merely an option for us that we could turn down. However when asked if we could stay where we were booked he said "no". When asked if we could be refunded our money so we could go back to the airport and go home, he said "no". So in essence he was saying that we could go to the other hotel or we could make our own arrangements, but that we would not be refunded anything if we chose not to do what they were suggesting. When we pointed that out to him he had nothing to say.

While we had been very careful to make a vacation selection that fits our needs we feel TRAPPED on a vacation that we do not want and that does not meet our needs. This is an awful experience.

Today we spoke to Ms.Lorena Victorio, Guest Services Manager at the Crown Paradise. She initially assured us that at least the members of our party with the small child could have a room at the Crown Paradise and that the rest of our party would be given bracelets to at least access some of the facilities while remaining in our rooms at the Beach Palace. However in the conversation this morning she told us that you Mr. Salvador Ornelos, would not permit this and that although she would like to help us, this would exceed her authority and we must take up our dispute directly with you.

From what I can tell Mr. Ornelos, it appears that you are a successful business man. I therefore find it extremely hard to accept that you would treat a customer who has paid you thousands of dollars, in such an incredibly poor fashion. As I see it, your Hotel failed to live up to its contractual obligations. I am hopeful that we can speedily rectify this situation with one of the options outlined below so that we do not feel forced to contact our attorneys to rectify the situation. It would also be unfortunate if we feel forced to use the extensive power of the internet to publicize our dissatisfaction. I understand that you operate Hotels under the name Aranzazu and Serena and we would do our best to encourage our friends and acquaintances to not patronize your establishments in the future. I sincerely implore you to rectify this situation so that we might salvage what we have left of what promised to be a dream vacation but now has turned into a nightmare. Here is what we want from the Crown Paradise so that there is no mystery in what we expect to be done.

- We all want to be back at the Crown Paradise Club resort.

- If that cannot be accommodated we require hotel provided transportation daily at no cost to us from the Palace Beach to the Crown Paradise resort with full access to the Crown Paradise facility and all amenities there (all inclusive access to all restaurants and programs).

- If that cannot be accommodated we require a full refund for this vacation as it is not the vacation we wanted to be on. As I am sure you can imagine, news of a bad experience travels much farther than news of a good experience. With four family units on this vacation together from different parts of the US I believe that fixing this problem represents a great opportunity for your company. I can be reached at this time at the Beach Palace Resort [protected] room 703. I will allegedly be here until January 1st.

Randy Levinson

Global Contingent Workforce Program Manager

Human Resources

Email User

Phone :[protected]

Mobile :[protected]

Cisco Systems, Inc.

170 West Tasman Drive,

San Jose, CA [protected]


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  • Il
      4th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I believe that you where teated so unfairly we just came back form mexico and we had a terrible experience with our car rental, whoever, I believe that this high executives in Mexico have a really big ego, I really which this manager can come to San Jose and you can give him the same experience that you have to him and his family.
    People in this positions with a Mexican macho man syndrome should never held this positions. I hope you get your money back whoever that is not going to bring your vacations and special moments back.

  • Ch
      23rd of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    We just returned from Cancun, we stayed at the Crown Paradise also and were SORELY disappointed in our stay. I can't tell you how many times I made the comment "this place sucks!" The ONLY decent restaurant is closed to guests until dinner, so we are forced to eat either buffet or the other restaurant that maintains at about 80 degrees all the time and has questionable food. Twice we ordered beef tenderloins and on both occasions, we got some sort of white meat, like pork. The problem with that is that we eat our beef medium rare. The meat they tried to pass as beef was uncooked pork - thats a health hazard. I directly asked them if it was pork, the waiter said definitely not, it was beef. The maids never cleaned my coffee pot nor replaced the coffee packs so I never did have coffee in my room. Little things, like broken fixtures, leaks, dirty floors, ants on the walls were all over the hotel the whole time, like they just didn't care to keep it up. Not a "bad" hotel, but not a good one either. There was also nowhere to get out of the heat other than your room. The AC in the group areas was not turned on till late afternoon so you could cool off by evening, but not during the day unless you went to your room. Just not impressed at ALL.

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