Crown Honda Charlotte / Bad bad practices - $$$ service doesnt cover brakes?

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I had to pay $499 to Crown Honda to service my vehicle when I purchased it out of the lease. My husband is a mechanic and was not allowed to service it himself (which he would have been able to do for a 10th of the price) as they are assuming liability. That's fair enough. BUT what does the $499 cover. 4 weeks later with my new baby in the car - my car started to make strange noises when I applied the brakes. When my husband heard it he said the brake pads were gone...we looked with a flashlight, and sure enough there was less than 1/8" of pad left. We were told today that the $499 does not cover them looking properly at the brakes. It does not cover them removing the wheels - no tire rotation, no wheel balancing, no alignment, no proper checking of brakes for $499. It basically seemed to be a basic inspection ($30) and oil change for $499. So before you buy any used car from them, make sure you have your own mechanic look it over to ensure it is safe to drive. My husband and I relied on their service this time and have regretted it. $499 for a service that doesnt cover a basic safety item - will never never trust a car dealership again. From now on my husband is the car's only mechanic...if a dealership ever needs to be involved again for any reason I want my mechanic there to see what work they perform and that it is up to standard. $499 for an inspection and glorified oil change many other used cars do they have out there with little to no brakes?

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      31st of May, 2010

    Nice try! That never happened... I go there for all my Honda and they are aways great. Either you didnt understand something or you work for another dealer. You keep throwing that dollar amount up. Its clear you want something for free because you bought another major service that had nothing to do with brakes.

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