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On 8/28/10 I reached an agreement with Crown Audi of Clearwater FL on a 2007 Audi A4. I went home to get my certified bank check and approval from my wife. The dealership called and told me they sold the car to someone else after I shook hands with the salesman and the Sales Manager and signed a sale price document. They never called to tell me to hurry back or ask the other buyer if they could take a back-up deposit on the car. They disregarded a verbal and written agreement and went for the deal with a higher gross. This is an example of why dealers have such a bad rap and why people call many dealers shysters. However, I will not stoop to their level and call them that; I will just refer to this group of unscrupulous individuals as the Crown Clowns.. and caution everyone looking to by a car in the Tampa-St. Pete area to steer away from Crown and go to a reputable dealer. I also recommend Audi consider finding a dealership that better reflects its brand because Crowns actions are on par with the Yugo brand junk.

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      Sep 10, 2010

    Dear Gordon:

    Thank you for expressing your concerns. We have investigated the circumstances involving your visit to our dealership and have found the following:

    According to those involved with your visit, you were provided with several opportunities to purchase the car at the time of your visit. Your response to them was that you couldn’t finalize the deal because you had to check with your wife to make sure she liked the aluminum trim. We agreed that it would be best that both you and your wife be comfortable with your purchase decision, and you told us that you would get back to us later.

    It’s important to note, that it’s not our practice to withhold a vehicle from sale because someone has shown interest in that particular vehicle. This is a transaction based business, and vehicles are taken off the market when an agreement involving price is reached, a Buyer’s Order is signed, and money changes hands.

    In your case, other than you expressing an interest in the vehicle, there was no signed agreement, nor did any money exchange hands.
    Shortly after your visit to our dealership, another individual came in and made an offer on the vehicle you were interested in. The offer was accepted, paperwork was completed, and the vehicle was paid for.

    Out of courtesy to you, we followed up that same day with a phone call, letting you know that the car you were interested in had been sold. At that time, we also offered you a 2008 A4, which was one year newer than the vehicle you were interested in, had lower miles, and at a comparable price. You declined the offer.

    We regret any misunderstanding that may have occurred; your satisfaction is very important to us. I would like to offer you an open invitation to contact me at your convenience to further discuss this matter.


    David Jacovides
    General Manager

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