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Stay well away from Crowfoot Dodge situated on Crowchild NW of Calgary!! They competley mis-diagnosed the problems on my vehicle and then had the audacity to charge me over $300.00 for the privleage of them getting it wrong!!

I spent more money with another service firm on a report on my vehicle. This report contradicted the diagnosis of Crowfoot Dodge who have a copy of the report.

Crowfoot Dodge are simply not interested in providing good service.

Despite my best efforts, Crowfoot Dodge has failed to provide anything near a good level of service. I will continue for as long as it takes to get some form of recompense.

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  • Ji
      27th of Dec, 2008

    Another whiner !! You are probably driving a high mileage older vehicle that had several other issues than the one you where in for. Sell it and buy something new instead of sinking thousands into an old crappy vehicle.

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  • Sa
      11th of Nov, 2010

    To everyone looking at buyng a new dodge/chrysler stay away from CROWFOOT DODGE.
    Now this is comming from a salesman that worked there...
    There are no prices on the cars they want you the customers to make them an offer so they can try and maximise there profit
    They do this also so you cann't get a price so you cann't as a consumer go and shop their price or keep them honest.
    To get a price they make you the customer sign a bill of sale, they call this a work sheet which is crap because once you sign and they make you give them a credit card if they agree to the price whether you think it's reasonable or not you are bound to it and forced to take the car.
    In sales meeting you the consumer are refered to as "fresh meat " everytime they have advertising that might attract customers.
    They treat their sales staff as pieces of meat and constant abuse from their sales managers Bill, Jason or Garth is not unusal and if a customer has a complaint they make the sales staff handle it cause they don't have the guts to deal with it, I asked Jason one day to try to help me with a deal and he asked if they were an elderly couple I replied yes and his response was " You don't me to speak I [censor]ing hate old people cann't stand them and if I have to deal with them they won't be hear for long, I will burn them out of the place" Nice attitude to have towards customers.
    They all love to lie to there customers and then make it out that it was the saleman, well Mr and Mrs customer the only reason we lie is because we repeat what our managers tell us to say.
    Heres the best one sales are bonused every month on who can make the most money out of a customer 10, 234 was last months record salesman was bonused an extra 1000 dollars, they average 4500 a car not bad from a place that says its the cheapest in town
    Good luck if you go there don't give them your credit card and ask the salesman to work you out a price on a plain sheet of A4 paper not a bill of sale

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  • Ol
      22nd of Dec, 2010

    In response to salesman 1223 he is exactly correct. we bought a new vehicle from crowfoot dodge and it was impossible to get an accurate price quote from them. I did not want to disappoint my wife by not getting the vehicle she wanted in time for Christmas, so I went and bought there anyways with regret. For the record, I feel completely ripped off as I see the vehicle advertised elsewhere for a lot less.
    Furthermore, they do not like to honor the warranty on the vehicle, so we had to deal with Chrysler Canada directly to get issues fixed.
    Poor service department, dishonest sales methods, no disclosure, terrible experience all around.

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  • Ca
      5th of Feb, 2011

    DO NOT buy from Crowfoot Dodge. We purchased a Jeep SRT8 and despite being mature, married couple-pregnant we were NOT allowed to take it for a test drive, even with a salesperson with us! Right then, we should have run, far, far away. We would have found out BEFORE we bought that it rides like a LUMBER WAGON. There were crooked exhaust pipes, scratches in the paint and the steering wheel was installed far from center, and it took over 5 visits (they had the vehicle all day, every time) to get just the scratches fixed. They ignored our concerns about the esthetics of the crooked exhaust-basically we were told that it was manufactured that way so there wasn't anything they could or would do and we should live with it. They "adjusted" the alignment to create even bigger problems and we had to take it to a different mechanic to fix the problem properly. Don't even get me started on the lack of communication from the financing dept. who decided that my one signature on one form meant they could shop my credit around 4 different banks over a 2 week period without my permission and decided to argue with me about it on the phone when I told him I was disappointed with this. We will NEVER purchase here again or recommend Crowfoot Dodge to anyone!!

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  • Lo
      12th of Aug, 2014

    I bought a truck in March, a used one from Crowfoot Dodge. I had some credit problems but they helped me out. It was a Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Sport. I though well this was a nice truck and the value was there. When I made the agreement with them, the loan was for 36000. a little high but and payments of 321.00 every 2 weeks. I was finding the payments a little high so at the beginning of August I went to Ford dealership to see about downsizing. Crowfoot Dodge sold me a truck that the value dropped $10, 000 in 4 months. They know this was going to happen cranked the price up and I am left with a truck that I owe more money on..


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  • Tw
      2nd of Jun, 2015

    This place is shady. Do NOT purchase any life or disability insurance from the person doing your financing. We got screwed!!! The person selling it to you will make it look like it's worth it but after you read all the conditions in the policy...they make sure they don't pay. We found out the hard way. Btw as per one of the earlier comments. I talked to Jason about the policy, the lack of information provided to us and he just passed the buck, still waiting for a call.

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  • Cr
      26th of Nov, 2015

    The worst place for any service related issue. They ripped us off too by replacing a piece that was working fine while misdiagnosing the problem and charging us over 1300 dollars. They clearly dont know what they are doing and cannot be trusted. I have never experienced such unprofessional service ever and no one seems to take any accountability for their actions ! STAY AWAY FROM CTOWFOOT DODGE

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  • Bo
      7th of Aug, 2016

    These guys are crooks. I was charged $49.95 to put a diesel additive. They quoted me $415 to change a $50 fuel filter. I have not comment on their sales department but their service department sucks. Bob is rude, poor Sally has not clue what she's doing. Chris the service manager clearly hates his job and the customer. I used this place for seven years and they have gone downhill so fast since their renovations and their turnover in staff. Joey was the best service advisor there and of course no longer there now. Bob should be booted to curb.

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