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Mar 29, 2016 Pickering, ON Review updated:

The coaches are young and inexperienced. Everyone there is from wag jag and groupon. They act all nice but when I did my research on who own it the owner is a corrupt banker by the name of Winnie Tsige she was held on charges by the ontario courts for looking into peoples accounts without authorization. Buyer Beware this place is not legit poor coaching and corrupt owner.

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  • Cr
      Mar 30, 2016

    Unfortunately, this is the coach from CrossFit POW, Brian Nugent. He has been doing whatever he can to sabotage our business. Feel free to reach out to us! We have amazing members/community here, our members enjoy our coaching and we are very professional and experienced. We as owners/coaches spend lots of time on programing, scaling option, events, and building our community we try our hardest to give our affiliate the best possible experience for our members.

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  • Lo
      Mar 30, 2016

    It is with great sadness that I see that the name of Crossfit Constellation and the owner is being slandered in such manner. I have been a client of this business pretty much from the start. I have witnessed the owner and coaches work honestly, diligently and in most professional manner on growing the business, looking after the clients, and improving community relations in Durham. They spend countless hours in improving their service and knowledge, and in preparing personalised plans for special case clients. My personal witness to the amount of community involvement, fundraising and support in health and sickness to each other and clients from each of the staff and coaches is my reason for my personal support and putting my trust with this business. This is not the forum to give out personal comments or damaging information- however I invite anyone to stop by in person and feel free to ask any questions- the staff and clients will be ale to answer honestly. Furthermore- I am at loss that anyone can create comments and opinions- and they are posted without verification or repercussions. I invite anyone to call the office and ask for my contact- I am willing to talk in person to give anyone interested my own opinion and account of events in an honest and professional manner. Please ask for Joanna.

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  • Jo
      Mar 30, 2016

    It sad to see the type of review first posted on this site which unjustly slammed the owner, coaches and dedicated Crossfit community. I would just like to say I could not ask for more from the Crossfit Constellation community, they are supportive, knowledgable and most of all dedicated to the members well being! Thank You Winnie, Coach Tami, and Coach Michael, without you help and motivation I never would have reached my placing of Top 20 I the Crossfit Open this year. I could never have done it without our Constellation Community!!!
    Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if you'd like to verify my comment or to discuss the thrill of reaching amazing goals and achievements.
    Warm Regards
    John K

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  • He
      Mar 30, 2016

    My husband and I have been a member of Crossfit Constellation for over the last 2 years. I sometimes can't put into words how special this Crossft box is, but I can put into words how I feel about a sour man who calls himself a coach, and a football pro who never managed to keep a job playing football, because every team fired him for his narcissistic behaviour. Brian Nugent will do anything and everything to try to destroy his ex partner, just because he obviously will never be successful himself. He preys on other people mainly women. I saw this man in action, as well as witnessed the empty gym that he stole everything from in the middle of the night.
    He's good at trickery!!!
    Now for our box, Crossfit Constellation. The coaches are top notch professionals in every way. They know and continue to learn everything about proper Crossfit. They are involved in all the Crossfit games which with their knowledge my husbandwas able to make it to the top 20 in Eastern Canada. I don't think one of Brian Nugent's athletes has competed in the year he stole everything and started his new Crossfit box, if you could call it that.
    So please come for a visit and feel the team spirit we feel every time we walk in the door to our box CROSSFIT CONSTELLATION

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  • At
      Mar 31, 2016

    I hate when other people try to bring others down. It digusts me when someone like this tries to bash a great CrossFit gym. I love CrossFit Constellation, the community is great, the coaches are amazing, and the owner Winnie is the sweetest. Stop lying and putting other businesses down Brian Nugent!

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  • Te
      Apr 01, 2016

    I have been a member of Crossfit Constellation for a year and a half and have never had anything negative to say about this box. Because of the amazing coaching, I have made huge gains in my fitness level and my confidence. The coaches have always focused on injury prevention and have worked around my limitations so that I can still work out at a level that improves my skill. This is by far the friendliest Crossfit community that I have experienced and I highly recommend it to anyone including people with no fitness experience. I trust Winnie, the owner, and Coaches Mike and Tami with my health and my well-being and that alone speaks volumes.

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