Cross Trade KFTUnreturned prepayment and scam.

We was try to buy the motorcycle from site We found the suitable motorcycle seller company,   this is his profile in ( We sent the request about buying to company CROSS TRADE KFT. Have saw his ads about selling the motorcycle. We made conversations via WhatsApp. At their request they asked prepayment 1000$ to Money Gram account, which is First name: ADAMS. Second name: ILZE CLAIR. Country: SOUTH AFRICA. City: CAPE TOWN. After prepayment they have promised to send the motorcycle and the all the documents which is (Packing list, Invoice, Sertificate of origin) during 3 days via air shipping. Then we asked the identity confirmation document to make sure about honesty, he said that he is big businessman and he doesn't have time to mess with the sending identity confirmation documents, after this he got upset and said to us do not disturb him if we don't want to buy. We was wait nearly a week the  sending documents. After this even if he did not send the identity confirmation documents, we contacted with him and we were forced to prepay without identity confirmation documents. To make the risk less, we asked to send half of the required prepay sum. 500$. he had agreed. In our last deal we had to prepay 500$,   he had to send the motorcycle and the all the documents which are (Packing list, Invoice, Sertificate of origin) via our country air shipment during 3 days. Payment for the delivery service 500$ we had to pay after receiving the cargo with the rest of payment 3000$. And we sent the 500$ dollars prepayment to the above adress via Money Gram. After sending the money,   he is suddenly begun asking another 1000$ dollars for insurance of cargo (motorcycle). He said that this is the main rule of the cargo shipping company. After this we disagreed with this and we asked him why suddenly this 1000$ money payment is appear,   we asked to show photos of the documents which was written to our company's name (Packing list, Invoice, Sertificate of origin), but he could not do. He only talked that the documents in the motorcycle. The Cargo shipment company's worker also couldn't show the pictures of the documents which belongs us. He also said he is too busy for showing pictures. The motorcycle seller said if we didn't trust we may look to the shipping company site. And if we don't want to send money him, he said we may send the 1000$ to shipment company's worker's Money Gram account. This is the shipment company's site ( The shipment company's site was doubtful because In the title of site was written World wide cargo shipment company, but the company worker's profile name was changed to "Motorcycle shipment company from Africa" not long 5 minutes before the our conversation. It was done in order to enter our trust. The cargo company's worker also asked the 1000$ dollars for insurance, he is said that his cargo company will return this 1000$ money after arriving the cargo to our country. Then we said him if they would return our 1000$ money after arriving the cargo. Then let's do not to take from us this money initially. They was not agreed, the motorcycle seller also not agreed. After this the motorcycle seller and the shipping company worker warned us that if we would not send the 1000$,   the cargo shipment company will arrests our motorcycle. We asked from shipment company's worker the confirmation document, about his working place, about what is his profession, and where is he works, and the Letter of guarantee that confirms that if we send the 1000$ to his account in Money Gram, the shipment company will gets the sent money which was sent to his the Money Gram account. But the shipment company worker could not show us required documents. We did not agreed with new deal conditions. After this the motorcycle seller said that he is very businesslike and decent person, and he don't have time to talk with us. And he said that if we don't want to buy motorcycle he will return our prepayment. He said this in order to gain our trust. And for get the another 1000$ dollars. The motorcycle seller said that if we not needed motorcycle he will return our money in during 30 minutes. Although it was midnight when nor banks or money transfer companys not works. After this we asked him to return our prepaid 500$ money. He said us that the banks not works at this time, and he will send us our money to the next day morning. But he didn't send. After few days when we asked the reason of  not sending money. He answered us so: you think that i'm fool, i will not return your money, thanks for sending money. Now I'm blissing out with girls for your money. Until this day he don't sent the money.

May 08, 2017

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