Cross Country Van LinesLies, lies, and more lies

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Wow. This company is almost amazing in how quickly they lie about anything and everything involving your move. Trust nothing they say. But, I discovered it helps if you play along with their lies in order to get some money back from them. Which they only do thanks to the federal government setting time limits for things like this. They lied three times about delivery for us, telling us our stuff would be arriving "today" when the truck was still literally states away. Yes, in their defense, they did give me some money back ($400ish, we paid about $2500ish). But only after I called everyday as the federal guideline approached. They even lied and said they sent a check (must have got lost, right? ha) months ago. I wouldn't believe that for a second. The check was sent the last week it could be sent before I could have brought the feds into the game. But believe me, if you are not the persistent type, this company would happily "forget" to give you any money back. Oh, one more thing - furniture was broken when it arrived, and they damaged our front porch. Don't expect sympathy from the drivers, they hardly speak English and fill your home with smoke scent. Lovely.
Not sure where people had a good experience with this company, I suspect it might be people working for the company leaving the "good" notes here. Considering how dishonest they are, this would make sense. Don't use them.


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      Sep 10, 2009

    They are totally writing self reviews. One need not be a rocket scientist to compare and analyze the handwriting on the wall and see that's the same style of writing!

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      Feb 18, 2010

    This company is DISHONEST as you suggest. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration assessed penalties for multiple violations of Federal Motor Carrier Commercial Regulations against CROSS COUNTRY VAN LINES. The company was cited and fined $7, 500 for failing to follow loss and damage claims procedures; failing to provide a summary of its complaint and inquiry program and a summary of its dispute settlement program; failing to prepare orders for service in the prescribed form and manner; failing to prepare bills of lading in the prescribed form and manner; and failing to obtain weight tickets in the prescribed form and manner. Not only that, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) files indicate CROSS COUNTRY VAN LINES has a rating of “F” on a scale from A+ to F. This is the LOWEST RATING BY BBB. The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filled with BBB. In other words this company is NOT CONSIDERED TRUSTWORTHY! The Reasons for this rating include: 116 complaints filed against the business, 3 complaints filed against the business that were not resolved, and a failure to respond to one complaint filed against the business in the last 36 months. Who wants to do business with a company like that? Do your homework before ever considering this company.

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      Mar 17, 2010

    Well, Cross Country Van Lines no longer “exists”. I have been trying to contact their offices regarding my claim with no luck. I contacted the relocation company that contracted this company and was informed they “no longer existed”. Apparently the relocation company sent representatives to their offices in East Rutherford, NJ and found the building locked up and abandoned. It’s almost comical because I received an e-mail from Michael DeBenedetto, the Operations Manager, in February 2010 regarding my claim indicating it was still at their rating department and he would have an answer for me at the end of that week. All the while he knew the company was folding…I can picture him sending the e-mail right before he boxed up his computer and shut the lights off.

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