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My family and I are relocating from PA to Charlotte NC for work and I had limited funds so I used Nationwide Relocation Service, the biggest mistake ever. At first they were very accommodating at getting the correct information and there money. I was not informed, until 4pm the day of my pickup that Cross Country Van Lines was our movers.

They were six hrs late from estimated time of arrival of 12pm. they did not complete the packing till 2am Saturday morning. Furthermore, we packed ourselves and disassembled the furniture also. When the driver took stock of our furniture we were told that items, that were not frigle, need to be boxed and each box was $25.

Of course, with such a late pick up I had no way of contacting customer service so I was forced to make the decision of leaving items off the truck that could and should have gone with no issue. This was just dealing with the pick up.

The following morning, when I could talk to a customer service person, they of no help. In the contract with Nationwide they were to assist to resolve issues with the movers. What that did was put me on conference call with Ralph of Cross Country. There was no mediation it was an unresolved and frustrated conversation with Ralph.

All I was requesting was not to be charged for the boxes. This seemed to be an extremely huge request, which remains unresolved. Furthermore, when the weight came back the estimate that we were given was off by 3, 000 lbs, going from 5474 to 8093. How is it possible for a 2bdrm apartment weight over 8, 000lbs!

We have requested a reweigh, which after reading others here with this issue will not happen. They say you get what you pay for well we are paying a great deal and getting very little.

I would have to say that Nationwide is the one I blame for they contracted this company who has several complaint and is so problematic that they did not let me know they contracted them until the day of the pick up. Dishonest, dismayed, disgusted are a few words... I will be following this up with our experience with delivery.

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  • An
      Apr 22, 2009

    sorry to hear tha helen but my experience with cross country was great! i would totally use them again if i have to! i recommend them to anyone who moves. thanks, andrew

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  • Ma
      Apr 22, 2009

    thats too bad. i just used them also and i thought they were excellent!

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  • Jo
      Jun 16, 2009

    We also got burned by using Nationwide moving services... they sub contracted to Global Xpress for ours and with our household goods in their hands we were forced to pay an extra $1, 800 upon delivery. They were rude, never consistently replied with their dates and threatened to add more costs for every day if we did not pay immediately.

    One word for every mover out there: STAY FAR FAR AWAY from Nationwide Moving and their contractors.

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  • Ih
      Sep 10, 2009

    Mary is full of it, people. Why would a customer go to a complaints board rather than a regular review board to tell you that her service was great? That doesn't even make sense. These POS are SO unbelievably stupid. No wonder they work in the moving industry and scam you - uneducated, low class foreigners who were sucking from the Mother Teat or Russia or whatever crappy communist system they hail from. They are not even SmART enough to figure out that if you offer solid service, you get solid reviews. Instead, they'd rather do a half ### job but then they take the time to write great reviews on themselves.

    Man, no wonder America is so great - these foreign POS can't compete intellectually with us. Hey, if he says his name is Simon, Boris, or Elie - RUN~

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  • Li
      Sep 18, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service and support that Cross Country Van Lines and its employees give to their customers. My family and I recently moved to Ohio from California. This was a stressful time for my family and the things that Cross Country Van Lines did simply added to our stress levels. We booked our move through Nationwide and all seemed well until after our truck was loaded and on the road.

    First, we were quoted $3, 400 and we ended up paying $5, 500. This is a huge increase for a family trying to relocate to another part of the country on a budget. This huge change in price was a tremendous financial hardship.

    Next, they were 11 days late delivering our household goods. Our delivery window was July 6th – 14th. During the period of time from July 6th – July 25th we were not contacted at all. We had to call everyday to find out where our household goods were. We left message after message and it was days before we received calls back. We were very nervous about not being able to get our things. When we finally were able to contact someone they were very rude and couldn’t tell us when our stuff would arrive.

    Then, July 25th, 11 days after our things were promised to us we received our things. The driver was very unprofessional and rude. They refused to put many items in their correct location. They dropped our brand new dryer down the stairs and dented it. Our 62’ Mitsubishi LCD TV was crushed inside, beyond repair. My grandmother’s curio cabinet had also been broken. Our brand new bedroom set was scratched, hardware was lost. Some of our items were not even delivered.

    After that we started the lengthy process to request a claim. After getting the paperwork, taking pictures, and faxing the information we were informed that we were not given the correct insurance. They said we would be paid at 60 cents per pound per item. Which doesn’t even cover the cost of the smallest item broken. Once we received the refund check we went to the bank and deposited it. The check was returned because of a stop payment or because of non-sufficient funds.

    I will never use this Cross Country Van Lines or Nationwide again. This is the worst move I could ever imagine. I will ensure that everyone I ever come into contact with knows what a horrible company this is and how little respect you have for your customers. I will be filing a formal complaint with the better business bureau and I will also post as many complaints online as possible.

    Lirea Turner


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  • Gr
      Mar 20, 2010

    I also used this company and had to deal with "Ralph"...useless. He also told me my moving weight was far over what it was estimated to be and he told me they didn't have to use a scale to weight it, that their movers were so experienced they could estimate accurately. Such a terrible company I can't believe they are still in business.

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