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March 16, 2009 I was contacted by ‘Tony’ of Cross America Relocation (CAR.) We were planning a move from Sachse, TX (75048 zip code) to Littleton, CO (80125 zip code.) We were given several other in home estimates by other movers (also attached.) However CAR was priced slightly higher, including free packing, and a higher estimated weight at only a slightly higher cost. At the time in which we were given the estimate, Tony 100% guaranteed me that the price would not be above the binding estimate. Even though no one was sent to the house, we figured that since we had at several different in-home estimates that since they were factoring a much higher weight that we would be ok at the estimate that he provided.
On the date of our move, we were told that the movers would be at the house between 10-11am. I met the driver at the weigh station to get the initial weigh ticket. I wasn’t allowed to see the fuel gauge or inspect the back of the truck to ensure that it was indeed full of gas and empty. They did not arrive at our residence until close to 4pm that day. In addition to this, they arrived in a 26’ Penske truck that was clearly rented by them for the move. Only after they arrived did we discover that they would be driving this truck back to Houston and then up to Littleton. This should have been the initial red flag for us. We paid them 50% of the binding estimate ($1300) in the form of a money order from my bank. They did not finish packing and moving our items until after 2am. I followed the drivers to the weigh station to get the final weigh ticket – again, I was not able to verify the gas or any additional items in the truck.
The following day, I call in to check the status of the move and to verify the date in which they would be in Denver. I was then told that I needed to pay them an additional $4, 800 or they would not deliver my goods. Yaakov (aka Jaycob) was very threatening against me and my wife. He would curse at us and tell us that we would have to come to Houston to get our stuff our self. This was our first ever move post-college, so this was very scary to us. Imagine someone loading up all of your possessions and then essentially holding them ransom until you pay them an exorbitant amount of money. The day ended with me saying that I would get him the money when they get to Denver. He did not agree with this initially, stating that we needed to deposit the money into his Chase / WaMu bank account (provided in an attachment) otherwise he would not deliver the goods. I asked numerous times (over the phone and through email – also provided) for a final contract price. Again, this was never provided.
Monday, June 15th the saga continued. I called again, this time from Amarillo, TX to find out the status of our goods. And again Yaakov was threatening, and demanded that we deposit money into his bank account or to overnight the money via FedEx (email provided.) I again asked for a final contract but this was never sent. Later that day, I called from Capulin, NM again to determine the status. This time I spoke with a man by the name of Devon. Devon was the only person willing to assist me in any way. He assured me that my goods were on the way and that I should have nothing to worry about.
Fast forward to Wednesday, June 17th, Yaakov calls and speaks with my wife in the same threatening manner as he did with me. She felt threatened enough to get the full $4, 800 in postal money orders to hand over fearing that they would ship our items back to Houston, TX.
In the meantime, I had spoken with the driver and he said that he was in Pueblo and would be at our house by 2pm. This was completely opposite as to what Yaakov had told us via email and telephone. The driver did in fact arrive at the house around 2:30pm. He claimed to be from United, however the picture that I will provide via email should show that he was not from United Vanlines. It turns out that he is working for Enterprise Vanlines out of New Jersey (DOT 1202529.) It is interesting to know that their FMCSA license was revoked and they have no insurance.
Once everything was unloaded from the truck, the driver then refused to pay the labor that was contracted to unload. I stepped in and essentially forced the driver to pay the guys (contracted from Mayflower – Larry McKee – [protected] office.) In addition to this, the items in which were damaged he has refused to reimburse us for these items. In fact, we were never told or offered any sort of insurance. We were given the standard insurance of .60/lb fee.
Overall this experience was horrendous. I have read countless other stories on various websites (/link removed/, etc.) stating very similar events with this company.

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  • Az
      Apr 05, 2010

    Hi, Seems like we had a similar experience with this company. Please contact me via email: [protected] I like to discuss our options with you and see if you are willing to sign a petition with us against this company. Your Story is exactly like our experience with all these same people.

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  • Az
      Apr 05, 2010

    This company, steals from customers, lies and holds everyone's belongings hostage. They have worked under several names, all the same people.
    Cross America Relocations, Texas Home Movers, Home Improve Relocations... Be AWARE... Do Not Hire them. You'll be out the Cash and will quiet possible never see your things again. They have even opened our suitcases. We are missing items from them, that now we just begun to notice. No Phone Calls, emails, or claim requests was ever responded to.

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  • Jd
      Oct 15, 2010
    Cross America Relocation - Delivery Issues and Fraud
    Cross America Relocation
    9101 Richmond Ave
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    We originally contracted our move with Greenpoint Vanlines and they subcontracted our move to Cross America Relocation. When Cross America Relocation picked up our household goods we paid in full, $2023, which was well over the original quote of $1050. Our household goods were to be delivered on Oct. 12th but on that date we found that our goods were still in Houston in their storage facility. Cross America Relocation called us as a "courtesy" to tell us our goods would not be delivered until Greenpoint Vanlines paid them $600 for storage. They then called back to say that if the $600 was not paid before 30 days our household goods would be put up for auction. Now I have been in contact with Greenpoint Vanlines again and they are saying that the problem has been resolved and they are waiting for a truck that is coming this way (to MA). I am sure this is just another part of their scam and that we have several more hurdles to jump before we get our household goods returned to us. Over the past 5 days we have heard several stories and dates on when our goods will be delivered and then why our goods have yet to leave Houston. This company has everything I own in their possession and while I would literally give anything to get my personal belongings back I refuse to be conned and basically robbed by a company I feel is organized crime.

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  • I'm going through a similar problem with them. They promised that my furniture would be in NC yesterday (Oct. 16th) and it hasn't even left Houston. The salesperson who I was speaking to handed the phone over to the manager, Jacob, who didn't introduce himself and asked me "What's my problem?" I got 3 words into the conversation and he called me a smart [censor] and hung up on me. I didn't even have a chance to be a smartass! I kept on calling back and placed on hold for long periods and he got back on the phone and again said "what's your problem?". I replied that, "you're not aware of my situation?" He said no, which obviously is a lie and he then said my furniture will leave Monday, take it or leave it. I told him that I'm going to hire another company and he said fine but they have to bring a $1500 check with them to get my things back. At this point, I'm about to call the police and report my items stolen. Maybe the FBI can get involved since this is interstate commerce. I've never experienced customer service this bad in my life. Oh, and did I mention the price they gave me after they packed my things up was double the estimate????

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