Croscill Bedding / False Advertising

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I purchased a bedding item online 3/12/14 only to learn 4 days later that the order was cancelled. I called today 3/18/14 and with a representative that stated it appears the item may have been out of stock. I'm not sure why Belk would list an item on the website for sale with an out of stock status. Here I am waiting to receive an item and it has been cancelled. It is false advertising to the consumer. Listing things the company doesn't have is fraudulent. Also it is not fair that the customer is told days later after purchase that the item is out of stock or not shipped. This is not good business practices and I will definitely not recommend anyone to shop online with Belk because of this experience.No, I was not charged for the item but it doesn't make this situation right! They need to hire better information technology and information systems staff to keep up with their web business. It is bad enough they are not keeping up with the trends and times when it comes to merchandise. They really need to do better.

Mar 18, 2014

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