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1 MN, United States

Check this one out -

I restored antique older electronics and radio equipment. I package like packaging from no where. I pack this beautiful radio up take it to the main UPS Office ship it out. The next day I called the fella that I sent it to and he says it's all smashed to pieces! So I file a Claim with UPS since it was insured for $500.00, they stated on the telephone after they had called me that the damaged radio was in my possession. I said, no it isn't, I have nothing, OH, she says, well anyhow, I said wait a minute, where is this damaged freight? We'll we would have to run a Trace on it. I said, I talked to the party I sent this radio to and they stated the UPS DRIVER picked it up!

OH she goes, well we have a record here that it was left with the Person that received it and is was only inspected. So Now the claim I filed for $500.00 to replace this and Absord the costs is in effect. She calls me back after I had to FAX them their Claims information since they no longer give their EMAIL address out.

She says we need a picture of that radio to confirm the Claim price of $500.00. Actually the radio was worth less, but for the trouble I felt I'd file it for the Full Amount of the insurance. Well she said we need something to prove it's value, obviously my word isn't good enough. Can you get something off EBAY she goes? NOPE, These radio's don't show up on Ebay. Well, Do you have a radio? I said yes, but this radio I just purchased for $2999.00 is a Shortwave radio, OH, she goes send me a picture of that then?? WHAT? I said, That's not even the same thing, Thats fine it should be close enough she goes, I said now you're asking me to LIE for you to cover your ### on this claims??!! OH NO, she says, that's a radio isn't it? Well ya, If you don't send the picture, we can't reimburse you for your damaged feight then, I'm sorry sir...

Here we have a UPS EMPLOYEE holding me Hostage to lie otherwise they won't pay for this damaged radio by sending them a Photo (Again another FAX) of just any old radio item to satisfy their claims process.. This is ###! I'm thru with UPS, completely done. This is the Second radio they TRASHED and I still haven't gotten any insurance claims paid for it!

Mind you, these shipments were RE-Packaged by UPS Personall! and the First one they Denied the claim because it wasn't packaged right they say! Bubble-Wrap and Foam Peanuts, and Double-Boxed by their staff!! What the hell is packaged right??!!

Several people told me UPS is keeping this damaged freight, selling it to Brokers in second-hand shops, or fixer uppers for another source of income..I think it's time for a DATELINE's (NBC) Investigation here to find out where this "LOST" freight really goes to!

So, don't feel bad by OVER-INSURING your merchandise and sticking it to these Greedy ### when they damage it. They deserve it.


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