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Crochet Books / Package contents missing!

1 Germany

My wife and her sister in Germany are trying to exchange items with the holidays coming up. She shipped some of her hand made hats to Germany for her and some of my sister-in-laws friends. Everything arrived there perfectly fine.

Yesterday Nov. 21st, 2008 we went to the local Post office to pick up a large package they were holding for us. My wife went to pick it up. She opened it up and noticed a tag added to the top of the box, that said "Received in Damaged condition, rewrap section NJI & BMC 80 county Rd, Jersey City, New Jersey 07097"

We examined the contents of the package, and learned that the books she was expecting didn't make it. They are crochet books printed in Germany. One of my sister-in-laws friends had sent her a separate box with some crochet books and some German candy for Xmas. That box wasn't in there!

As far as what my sister-in-law sent, there was a lot of stuff missing, since she told us that the box was packed full. The box was only about half full at most.

It looked like someone cut it open and helped themselves to our food, candy, books. Not sure why someone would want crochet books? More than likely they were just pitched them in the trash. We had someone else greeting card in our box. So whoever tore our box open was also tearing open someone elses

I always had respect for Germany because of the standards they set. This is not the first time this has happened to us. We used DHL before my wife came here. Then she shipped some porcelain (heirlooms)
that were completely destroyed. I have lost my respect for shipping from Germany to the USA. My sister-in-law had bought some shipping insurance, and will present the shipping label to DHL claiming her loss she paid for. Whoever did this I can only hope will pay for it, in one way or the other. Maybe lose his JOB!!


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